23 March 2008

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How To Use Your Imagination

how to use your imagination
The ambit of the human mind can be a mirage of our own thinking. Like the universe, it will be an infinite exploration. It is a strong belief among scientist that the dinosaurs having a gigantic structure is not designed with a ‘bigger’ brain to continue as a species. Thus, they were wiped off from this planet.

In Buddhist scriptures it is mentioned that we see the world as how we think. What you think is what you are. One of the skills of thinking is to use the power of imagination.

Imagination is the ability of the brain to form images and meanings to the experiences in our daily lives. It is a powerful weapon when the thing imagined is acted upon. It is the Wright Brothers who first engineered a stable flight in history. But, an attempt to fly is recorded in myths and legend such as the Daedalus and Icarus in Greek mythology or the Pushpaka Vimana of the Ramayana. The history of flight is therefore an imagination upon imagination of the human race. In the end, we work as a team subconsciously for the survival of our own species.

If you want to enrich your life – you must use your power of your imagination. You can manage your job, friends, family, your career or your business easily if you can use the images that flicker in your mind to good use.

Don’t judge your imagination

I still remember I was a three year old child and I have an extraordinary sense of imagination. I was fond of cars and wondered why we have to bring a ‘box’ like structure everywhere with us. It is a burden and was asking why can’t a road move for us and we be on the road to carry us wherever we go. I was very young to put such wild idea to good use. But on my way to the City Hall mass rapid transit, there is a portion of the access where you exchange your route there was this lateral conveyor bringing people from one point to another.

A simple imagination yet can be used throughout the city area where we can use sporadic road conveyor for people for travel. From the air it will look like the hyphenated lines. In this manner we do not have to have the ills of a motorised vehicle.

Write or draw out

The first thing you need to do when you have a strange imagination you have to write it down. Great inventors of the past have the habit of drawing out their imagination.
The greatest artist and inventor of all time Leonardo Da Vinci has the passion of drawing out his imagination on paper. The dream of flight is seen in his Ornithopter draft. It was Otto Lilienthal in Germany who did the dramatic glides which had triggered the Wright Brothers to further develop the step for the world’s successful airplane.

Use Opposites

If you are watching a scary movie, the sound of a tip toe in your living could mean to you that someone had made an illegal entry into your house. Your imagination runs wild. Either you can go to the living and do a quick check or act oppositely to your imagination.

An entrepreneur in expanding his property assets will buy new lands to build. But if he uses opposites then he will add two more storeys to his existing building to get additional rentals. In this way he saved much capital.

It is has been fairly established that meditation can build up your brain. Read here for details. To have a more powerful imagination a good meditation is essential. All imagination comes to a naught if it is not developed to good use of the mankind. The power of imagination is a function of the power of the brain. In the end, what value your imagination gives to the world matters.