29 April 2008

Belief Bubble - Part Two

In part 1we have explored that not all beliefs are supportive of our goals. Most of our beliefs have limiting effect to what we can achieve. Take a risk by asking your friends that you want to seriously think of going into business as you want to make big bucks. The likely respond will be:

It is too risky to start any business.

If it never work out we are doomed

You need lots of money

You need to have good contacts

Only the intelligent people are good in business

We do not have the experience

These can be the common reactions from your friends. Do not worry about them. They will be where they are forever. If you have one friend who has the following to say, he is on the right track of success:

- It is worth taking a risk then never try
- If we can draw out a plan well enough we might succeed
- If it is a good idea we can think about the funds later
- We can get good contacts along the way
- We better be smart now to go into business then be sorry later
- We have the experience of working for people. Now we use this experience and make people to work for us.

It is very important that we have empowering beliefs. There is no point to belief in something which cannot empower or enrich your life. Have empowering beliefs to enrich your lives.

In a cocktail party, you observe a very beautiful woman sitting by herself. You want to befriend her. But something is stopping you. In your mind if you have a belief that:

‘all pretty women go for good looking guys’;

‘all pretty women only befriend guys who have big pockets’;

‘all pretty women will not be faithful’;

‘all pretty women are not caring’

- then in a thousand years you will not approach any beautiful women.

Try and change the above to this :

‘my friends will praise me for having a beautiful woman as a girl friend’

‘If I happen to have a beautiful wife then my children will be beautiful too’.

With these simple change of beliefs will without doubt change our lives for the better. Don’t you think so?

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