01 October 2008


Is the human mind perfect? There is a known saying that ‘no one is perfect’. This statement of antiquity is an orthodox guidance to fall back to if the other person seemed not perfect. Can our judgement be imperfect in the first place? The virility of the mind is depended upon its 'education'. Education is the viagra for the human mind.

Cloudy Mind


The many events that are happening around us can be interpreted in many ways. Whether the interpretation is conscious or spontaneous, the end result will only be one.

As how the brain matter is convoluted it is an inherently a coiled cloudy machine. The languages, for example, we speak have unintentional ambiguity unlike computers. Man made creations like computers have one clear straightforward language. Essentially all human languages do have this ambiguity

"Education is the viagra for the mind”

In mathematics, the language is fixed. There may be many methods of solution but the path to reach the result is only one and linear. Mathematical languages do not have ambiguities.

Problem of Belief System

The country Iraq was thought to have weapons of mass destruction even after its invasion. Belief is the ‘unreal’ oasis the mind escapes into in order to make out the meanings of experiences. But to proof this mirage oasis is the truth will jeopardise our own survival at a point in time. We will not ‘exist’ anymore if we were to be fixed in our own paradigm of untruth.

Is there a difference between a home and a temple? One is the place we live in and the other is a spiritual enclave. If seen both as a house then the difference is narrowed and the mind is put in clear linear path of thinking.

In some Asian countries eating fried insects can be a delicacy - it is repulsive to most people. If you are put in a dire situation to eat a grasshopper the first bite is always difficult to swallow. The mind plays a repulsive picture and the psychological barrier is too great. All insects can be a form of food like poultry. What is acceptable to one’s mind is not admissible to another.

Perfect Mind


Perfection means there is no room to grow. A baby initial touch of fire will teach the child not touch fire again. Education is the key factor in making the mind contemporary.

The human mind is different from the animal mind. It is compact and the neurons are thicker so the information passes faster and quicker. A program is built into the animal mind. A bird built its nest out of its basic instinct built into them. No one teaches a bird to build a nest. It does it naturally.

Dogs are trained to trace to tackle the problem of drug trafficking. Chimpanzees and elephants are also used for entertainment purpose in a zoo. Anatomically, the human brain is similar to that of other primates. The inherently ‘absorbent’ power of the human brain made its species an excellent survivor and manager.

It is the fault of philosophy to put the heart second to the mind as this thought can be attributed to the location of both the mind and the heart – the mind is above the heart so it must be better. But heart is the organ which keeps our lifeline in order. It is the cloudy mind that makes our thoughts clumsy.