30 July 2008

Happiness Purpose

Being happy is something that we cannot leave to chance. People who are not opportunity seeking are those people who look for a magic wand to build on their lives. You need a blueprint on how to be happy. You cannot rely on ‘throwing lots’ or reading horoscope to find happiness. Happiness, like opportunity, is all around us. But the only stumbling block to reach that happiness is the human mind. If you can drive it to a certain way of thinking I believe you can reach all happiness.

Have you woke up in the morning and be really be enthusiastic about that the day has arrived. For most of us the answer is a simple ‘no’. We do not have that job that we like to do. It is great to do something that you are passionate about. But in reality, everyone has had stumbled upon something that they are not passionate about.


Most people I have met always felt that they could have done a little bit better. This feeling of regret is actually a ‘mirage’ image created by the mind. Contentment is a better state of mind sometimes.

One problem of the human mind is that it always craves an experience different from one it currently has. The mind wants more and more. It wants something different. But the problem with the mind is that it never gets satisfied until you command it so. Wanting more is one of the problems in economics and it is not the key for success.

The problem of consistency of doing something to reach the so called happiness purpose will have an ill effect if the participant drags all of his resources into that activity. These resources could have been diverted into something else especially to the third party.

If a gambler wins or loses a bet, he still goes on betting. Consistent gambling is a disease of the mind. In any game of chance, the probability of losing is infinity against the one person who wins. The money wasted could have been used to pay the utilities bill. It could have been saved for investment. The antidote is to cultivate contentment. Contentment is more or less true happiness.

If a guy seeks pleasure and happiness by being polygamous will find it a useless pursuit as he could give ample love to his loved ones. He has to find an alternative that is by getting a soulful relationship. He has to make effort to make someone to fall in love with him and maintain that relationship. Contentment will make way for his blissful life.

Contentment is the mirror of happiness. Be contented with what you are doing right now and balance your passion with the job or activity that gives you a pay check

Strike a balance

Have you seen how a performer in the circus who walks on a tightrope? He balances each step and seeks to reach the end of the rope.

A person who really loves to compose music will be making a mistake if he resigns his full time well paid job and getting into music business. He has to make music first during his leisure time and then finds a producer to buy his music. He has to participate in music contest and get known by the crowd. If he resigns the full time job and get into his passion is like throwing a seed on a barren land. There is opportunity in talent but it has to be stepped up at the right time.

You are successful if you have completed an action that you have planned. Happiness to the human mind is to get what it wants. There is no benefit to feel in that manner. Cultivate contentment and strike a balance in your pursuits. That will give you a reasonable happiness.