19 July 2008

Google Code

Google Code
Google code at last broken - I think so. Why I am saying this is that when I started my previous blog here I was very new to this cyber interaction. Reaching to the top in this cyber race is the priority in the mind of most bloggers. I will not say that it is not ethical to have such a goal as we are all interlocked in the system of trade. We need penny and popularity. But successful people who have achieved far beyond any commoner have something in common.

Everybody wants to know the magical key to success. Everyone wants to try. Everyone wants to give that best shot. In the context of the blogosphere, every blogger wants his or her weblog to come as second to none.

Hyper Text Mark Up Language or html for short was devised by a British Scientist named Tim Berners Lee in the late 1980’s while he was working at the Particle Physics laboratory in Cern, Switzerland. The simplicity of html led it to become very popular. Tim Berners Lee made the world ‘flatter’ and opened the floodgate of the communication era. The world salutes Mr Tim Berners Lee for his stupendous discovery of the century!

The idea behind networking is all about sharing information. The basis for success in the blogosphere is to add more and more contents. That is for sure. Content has to be the king.


Passion can be illustrated with this scenario. A person who gets hungry will eat. A person who gets thirsty will reach for the glass of water. But the natural call of the body chemistry to eat and drink is only short-lived. You cannot go on eating and drinking. After the meal and drink the hunger and thirst subside. You can go on thirsty and hungry for days. But a person deprived of oxygen, will die. This is what passion is about.

Be passionate about your blog. I am sure all those who had started a blog have some kind of passion about weblog. If you cannot see your blog comes to the page rank you desire do not get discouraged. Just pour your passion out. Add your contents regularly with your passion juice.

To date I have changed my blog template at least thrice. I do not get anything by the frequent changes. I am doing this solely is because I want readers who visit my blog to be inspired about the design. I just want to give the best of what I have. Passion is pushing me to reach the optimum.


Before you start your blog, you have to think about a plan. Write out a theme for your blog. If your passion is about photography and you want to create a blog on photography you need to ask a right question:

Who is going to visit my blog?

– It can be someone who wants to learn about photography or
– It can be someone who wants to know the history of lens or
– It can be someone who wants to copy some scenic panoramic pictures or
– It can be someone who wants to buy a camera

Choose a title for your blog. This will be your second step. This will make you very confident in drawing out a theme. Theme drafting is vital for beginners. You have write out a theme even before you post that first article. If your title is ‘photography for beginners’ then you are defining your target visitors- new birds for photography. Title for your blog will also help you to be clear and explicit in your article writing.

A theme is like a story and story telling is much needed to stand out from the crowd.


Bloggers are at the mercy of Google page rank. Google has a fantastic system of tracking which website has the most original contents. It is by this basis Google set out a page rank for a particular blog. I think it is the most logical system.

The purpose of blogging is to bring individualistic creation and sharing of ideas and knowledge. Copying other works is greatly discouraged in blogging. Google look out for honesty in bloggers.

If there is a few hundred thousand blogs which talks about photography, you need to compete with them differently. Just create a niche in photography and write about it emphatically with your opinion. You need to find out what is the difficult part of photography and giving your own opinions and solutions. By this you are actually forming a zone which only few ‘experts’ can join in.

I am a full time building manager. It is the most difficult job on earth. The fact is that everyone can find a job in this kind of line even during a recession. But the fact that I have had been going through this for the past 20 years is because I love my job and I withstand frustration. I withstand negative feedbacks. I also give the most desired solution to every problem. Do you think people will want to join in this kind of line full of frustration?

Create a niche which is a difficult one and stay out from competition on the basis of honesty.


Original contents can capture the Google ‘spiders’ but if a blogger shows care in his works for readers he will be loved by them. The fact that the web language has improved from mere text message to cater for video display, most blogs I see that there isn’t much care given to the visitors.

If there is heaven created by God I think the place is for giving utmost care for all good humans. In the movie ‘The Fugitive’, Dr Richard Kimble (role played by Mr Harrison Ford) becomes fugitive when he escapes on the way to the prison to serve a death sentence by lethal injection as he was convicted of killing his wife. In one of the scene, Dr Kimble holding United States Marshall Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) at gunpoint pleading that he was innocent. When Gerard replied ‘I don’t care’ Dr Kimble escapes again from injustice by leaping down the spillway of a large dam into the river below.

People need to be cared for. Likewise, if you have the sole objective of caring for your visitors who visit your blog show them that you care. You can show them by the following suggestions:

- Write out a welcome message
- Install a time counter in your blog
- Install a soft sentimental background music
- Install inspirational messages
- Allow them to email you for personal coaching
- Introduce them to your other favourite blogs in the category of food, clothing, shelter, travel etc
- If you can think of any write out here

If a blogger shows some care to visitors by integrating value in a blog then there is a far better chance to attract traffic.

Will Power

When I write my first blog I discovered something about how long a blogger has to wait until the blog hits page rank one upon 10. As Google spiders crawl out to millions of blogs in the blog galaxy or blogalaxy the one it favourites will have the most original contents. Why I am saying this is through experience.

When I hit my articles to about 40 or more post my page rank becomes 1/10. In other words, the will power of a blogger should be stretched until he hits 46 to 50 posts. In my earlier blog I post almost regularly. You can post 3 blogs for a week and it has to be regular. When a blogger does this, Google spiders are most willing to capture your blog and rank it accordingly.

Blogging is a marathon game. In a marathon you just need to keep the momentum of your speed and continue with the race. If you do this you will reach the finishing line. After you have reached that 50 original post, rank your blog here to see where it stands. To all the bloggers I wish you the best!