12 April 2008

Can Fools Decide On Your Destination?

The recent result show of the American idol season 7, make me ponder of the tactics of success. What are the factors for success? Do you have a great goal? Do you have the strategy of reaching that perfect goal? If you have all that then why Mr Michael Johns got eliminated when Mr Simon Cowell somewhere in the show said that he had a potential star quality?

Michael Johns is a fascinating. interesting, exciting and a born singer who has all the original quality of a singer. The charismatic Michael Johns is not only gifted with a unique voice but he closely resembles the late legend of Hollywood star Mr Charlton Heston. But yet he was eliminated from the competition for only one reason.

It is the playful attitude of the American fools who thinks that they can affect a natural talent like Michael Johns to oblivion by simply pushing that ‘gadgets’ of voting. Michael Johns is a natural supply of extraordinary talent in music industry. But the Americans who voted for the other mediocre, dull and inferior singers have forgotten one thing. It is them who will ultimately suffer of producing inferior quality ‘artiste’ from this season 7.

Listen to Mr Michael Johns last song in American Idol here. We have a lesson to learn here for the tactics of success. You can have great goal, great plan to execute but ‘if someone turn the sun around’ it is cause for trouble. Of course, Mr Randy, Mr Simon or Ms Paula Abdul will ‘miss him’ in the next round but in the bottom of their good hearts they might have thought that Michael Johns elimination cannot be justifiable. Mr Michael Johns will definitely going to make some albums in future despite his success being stalled by the imbecile nature of America who misuse technology for their bad whim.

If a quality seed is thrown in an infertile ground, there is no sprout of new life.
If Michael Johns do cut an album, I have a song title for him - ‘Don’t sit around with fools’.

It is lesson learnt. Great goal and a strategy are not enough. It is time to rethink about this episode- will you then let fools decide on your destination?