29 March 2008

Make A Goal in 30 minutes

make a goal in 30 minutesImagine an ant, on a piece of a leaf, floating its way on the giant ocean. Either it stays on the comfort zone which can be risky or it just bites the stalk of the leaf and makes it into a tiny oar and row to safety. In life you have to have a direction. Direction is the result of a planned goal.

It is not hard to realise that making a goal is essential for living. Many of us are making subconscious goals everyday. I have glossed over about subconscious goals in my article Success is a mind game. But when coming to make conscious goals, procrastination sets in.

What is your comfortable place?

Everyone comfort territory is unique. Some get calm when they sit by the seaside. A sit at the balcony seeing nature is another way to get your mind calm. Thoughts are essential for living. But too many can affect clear thinking.

We have about 80000 thoughts per day. But not all those thoughts are going to do any good to us. Have you ever thought about a person who have offended and caused hurt a few months ago? Thoughts will not serve us if it is not controlled to proper use. The gushing river is useful when a dam is built and water channelled out for different use. Not all the thoughts are used for living. We choose practical and constructive thoughts to enrich our lives.

For a conscious goal setting all thoughts, whether negative or positive, has to be isolated like the dam across the river. Simply, you need to set your mind placid first. You can read 5 time tested technique to control and calm your mind .

Whether it is visit to a beautiful beach or the scenic mountains, if you can find an appropriate location to calm your mind you are ready to set your goals. Goal setting is essential. But to have effective goal setting system, the first thing you have to clear the ‘chattering’ of the mind.

Anytime or Specific time?

When is the best time to think about your goal? My best time of the day is 7:00am in the morning. Coincidentally, it was the time of my birth. If you divide the day into five zones then the most beneficial portion of the day shall be the early morning or the late evening.

You can decide to make a perfect goal on your birthday. New Year eve is also an opportunity for making new goals.

Do you really want it?

What do you want to do? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be a painter? Do you want to an actress? Do you want to be a famous dancer? What actually you want to do or become?

I would say that this is the most important part in the whole system of goal setting. If you fail to answer this question of what you want to do then it is impossible to go to the next step. An accountant of a certain company can make out a goal of either consolidating his position as a capable accountant in the same company or he can decide to venture into opening a business as an accounting firm. A person who wants to settle a debt can either sell one of his properties and cash in for a settlement or can cut down his expenditure and increase his savings. After deciding on what you want to do the next essential question shall be this – Do you really want it?

After deciding to open an accounting firm, you need to put the plus and minus of opening it. If you find that opening an accounting firm is advantageous then be bold to decide on this goal and carry on with the sketch.


An architect after visualising a concept will do a sketch of the entire building before he does the model. Outline precedes all work of art. The skeleton is the vital part of a any body.

In this part a goal setter should answer: what are the basic things required to open a business school? He needs a building, teachers and staff and most importantly he needs students to enrol in his institution.


Detailing comes from the word detail. If you are required to write a detail answer in your examination, a short one means failure. In any works of paintings, the absence of perfect detailing affects its pricing. How detail you are in your goal setting will have a direct influence on the final result.

If a sole proprietor decides to move his business office from a more popular location to less popular one will have a large sum of capital outlay for his renovation expenses. It is because his real intention of moving is to show that he is expanding and his classic interior finishing makes his employees and clients feel important. Showmanship was his detailing in the entire concept of moving.

A picture without detailing is action against reality. Which portion of his painting has to have more light?

Time line

Within a timeframe a time line has to be drawn to reach all goal set. When the goal can be achieved? If you want to reduce your weight by 10 kg in 2 years then you need to burn off few hundred calories each day. By making your timeline explicit, your goal will become a reality.

All the best in your goal setting experience!

23 March 2008

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How To Use Your Imagination

how to use your imagination
The ambit of the human mind can be a mirage of our own thinking. Like the universe, it will be an infinite exploration. It is a strong belief among scientist that the dinosaurs having a gigantic structure is not designed with a ‘bigger’ brain to continue as a species. Thus, they were wiped off from this planet.

In Buddhist scriptures it is mentioned that we see the world as how we think. What you think is what you are. One of the skills of thinking is to use the power of imagination.

Imagination is the ability of the brain to form images and meanings to the experiences in our daily lives. It is a powerful weapon when the thing imagined is acted upon. It is the Wright Brothers who first engineered a stable flight in history. But, an attempt to fly is recorded in myths and legend such as the Daedalus and Icarus in Greek mythology or the Pushpaka Vimana of the Ramayana. The history of flight is therefore an imagination upon imagination of the human race. In the end, we work as a team subconsciously for the survival of our own species.

If you want to enrich your life – you must use your power of your imagination. You can manage your job, friends, family, your career or your business easily if you can use the images that flicker in your mind to good use.

Don’t judge your imagination

I still remember I was a three year old child and I have an extraordinary sense of imagination. I was fond of cars and wondered why we have to bring a ‘box’ like structure everywhere with us. It is a burden and was asking why can’t a road move for us and we be on the road to carry us wherever we go. I was very young to put such wild idea to good use. But on my way to the City Hall mass rapid transit, there is a portion of the access where you exchange your route there was this lateral conveyor bringing people from one point to another.

A simple imagination yet can be used throughout the city area where we can use sporadic road conveyor for people for travel. From the air it will look like the hyphenated lines. In this manner we do not have to have the ills of a motorised vehicle.

Write or draw out

The first thing you need to do when you have a strange imagination you have to write it down. Great inventors of the past have the habit of drawing out their imagination.
The greatest artist and inventor of all time Leonardo Da Vinci has the passion of drawing out his imagination on paper. The dream of flight is seen in his Ornithopter draft. It was Otto Lilienthal in Germany who did the dramatic glides which had triggered the Wright Brothers to further develop the step for the world’s successful airplane.

Use Opposites

If you are watching a scary movie, the sound of a tip toe in your living could mean to you that someone had made an illegal entry into your house. Your imagination runs wild. Either you can go to the living and do a quick check or act oppositely to your imagination.

An entrepreneur in expanding his property assets will buy new lands to build. But if he uses opposites then he will add two more storeys to his existing building to get additional rentals. In this way he saved much capital.

It is has been fairly established that meditation can build up your brain. Read here for details. To have a more powerful imagination a good meditation is essential. All imagination comes to a naught if it is not developed to good use of the mankind. The power of imagination is a function of the power of the brain. In the end, what value your imagination gives to the world matters.

19 March 2008

Enthusiasm Vs Compulsion

Enthusiasm is one of the key elements for any success. The opposite of enthusiasm is compulsion and force. If something is done with enthusiasm the result will be tremendously successful.

Take for example a fisherman. He goes out to the sea before dawn breaks and comes back with some fish as his catch. But how many fishermen do this activity with enthusiasm. If fisherman ‘A’ catches a bigger catch the probable reason for this is that he does his job with enthusiasm. If he misses his catch each time the net is thrown he will still be happy for another go.

In ancient warships, slaved oarsmen were used to drive the ship into collision to enemy ships. The slaves were whipped to drive the ship by rowing it. Compulsion is used to reach an objective. The Great Wall of China is visible from space. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Another example of how compulsion can do to reach an objective.

Enthusiasm can be a very nice word but in fact it is the other face of all unhappiness. An office manager in his enthusiasm of bringing his staff together arranged for an expensive party. After he has done that, the next morning his director became very upset as he was not invited for the occasion. The enthusiasm of one person can be and may always be a factor for spreading unhappiness elsewhere.

In the many Roman wars in history, the roman army ‘chief’ got all the good name from the roman king for his victory. The Chinese kings were able to ward off the attacks from the enemies after they had built the Great Wall. But on the other side, the slaves that rowed the ship and those who built the wall faced the affliction.

But if you think again, the history of mankind could have been built on total enthusiasm. If you pursue something you are enthusiastic about you need to draw out the process line of reaching the objective. You will have to be vigilant of those who will be affected by your pursuit. And then, you need to pull them towards your enthusiasm. The Great Pyramid could have been built by total enthusiasm. The present day skyscrapers are built by more or less with total enthusiasm.

Petronas is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The Petronas Towers were featured in the blockbuster movie Entrapment, starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. It took 36,910 tons of steel to build the Petronas Towers. That is heavier than 3,000 elephants! It takes 90 seconds to travel from the basement parking lot to the top of each tower. Together, the towers have 32,000 windows. It takes window washers an entire month to wash each tower just once!

The cost of the Petronas is $1.6 billion which consists of the Wages and salaries of builders, consultant and architects and others to erect such building.

For every enthusiasm there is a price to pay. If you only can spread out the price equally and with fairness total enthusiasm is achieved.

08 March 2008


Sir William Churchill once said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”. Passion is an ardent love for doing something. If there is consistency in what you love to do there is no failure. If what you do is useful to others, then you are on the road for success.

Recently, I have the opportunity to visit a masseuse. Well it’s for my wife who had a bad wind trapped in the abdomen area. She troubled me for the past 3 weeks about the consistent feeling of discomfort. We met the masseuse in her house and my wife went into a room together with this lady masseuse.

The next minute her husband, in his 60’s came towards me and we began to chat with each other. He was talking about his childhood days and he was kind enough to give me a cup of tea. I came to realise that I was sitting there for quite some time after 30 minutes. It went on and on. In fact I do not know what to talk about next. I felt that my bums began to burn after that long sit. I began to question him about his wife (the masseuse). I asked why the masseuse works was taking a lot of the time. He smiled and said that her wife will not stop until every nerve of a person body is stimulated 100 percent. He said the timing varies with ‘patients’ as each one of them has to go through that magic touch. He also said his wife loves to relief people of pain.

When my wife came out of that room after 3 and a half hours of body massage I saw her great relief on her beautiful face. I sensed that she felt reborn again. And guess what? - It only cost me 40 dollars!

I came to understand that the masseuse is well known and her monthly income is almost 10,000 dollars in average! Her husband also claimed that her wife could also relief the disease of stroke!

Surely, the masseuse has the passion to bring relief to people. The masseuse has to continually knead the body to bring happiness to people lives. She is indeed in the category of successful people.

If something that is done with devotion and earnest the likely result will finally be a winning game eventually. If you can do it with a touch of class, people may belief in your proposition. If you can hit that one person with your caring attitude and can bring him from the path of pain to happiness, it is a sure way to success in whatever you do.

Think about in what you do right now for living. Be it a simple cleaning job or a director of a multi national corporation. If you can love what you do and bring immense value and happiness to others I think you can hit the jackpot!

03 March 2008

Success A Mind Game

Success a mind game
What is the fuss about? What is success all about? Success simply means achievement. It is all about making simple goals one at a time. In Anna Pavlova words, “To follow, without halt, one aim….” Satisfaction or contention result when we have achieved when an objective is reached. Dreams are the gateways and precursors for any success. All these components are the make up for any success story. Hence, this is the formula for success.


At one point in our lives we have dreams of various kinds. I had a friend of mine who loves to play a guitar. His dream was to become a famous guitarist like
Ritchie Blackmore. But his dream has been shrouded by every day trials and difficulties and he is still play a guitar and plays it well. But he has yet to fulfil his dreams. Like my friend I was obsessed with painting at a very young age.

I had an entire set of paint brush of different widths and I usually use my school pocket money to buy paints and drawing papers. I will not pass a day without painting at least two paintings. It is like taking a deep breadth of fresh air. I had this desire to become a renowned artist like Michael Angelo or Leo Nardo Dar Vinci. But I have yet to fulfil my dream. But you know recently I took my daughter’s water colour and started painting a picture and it really gives me a happy feeling. I thought of giving it a try to make my dream a reality.

Do not underestimate your dreams. A dream is like a spark in a gas chamber. It is a seed waiting to be dropped in a fertile ground where it will grow into a fruitful tree. If you have a dream, try to make it real by following your dream and make out a goal out of it.


All of us are making subconscious goals everyday. We get up in the morning and subconsciously hit the toilet and shower. After taking your breakfast you head to office. All decisions are disguised goals. The brain imprinted these decisions frequently so much so that it becomes a reactive response routine. Have you ever wondered why do you have to get up in the morning to go to work? Have you thought why it had to be you to do this uninteresting job? If you are feeling in this way then you have to make serious goal making strategy.

Giant goals make giant decisions. If I want to become a good guitarist then I better find a good coach or school which teaches me proper guitar lessons. Perhaps you can sit for basic course in guitar first and find a way to get to the professional music arena.

It is best that you make your goal surrounding on what you like to do best. Be it music or painting if it gives you satisfaction and happiness why not reach your goals with some planning.


A goal will sit in your mind for ever or might fade away if it is not put in writing. It is best that you write out your goal. Perhaps you want to see some changes in your physical, mental, emotional, living environment, financial platform, relationship, career etc. You can divide these categories into three divisions of before now and in the future. Before and now do not matter at all. But what those categories will be like in about 5 years from today? Write out the marks upon 10 against each category

The lowest marked category needed greater attention. When you intend to accomplish the category you have chosen?

If you want to reduce your weight by 10 kg in 2 years from now then you have to burn a certain amount of calories each day to reach the goal. You have to take action on what you plan.

Is success a mind game? You have to condition your mind to go along the calculated path which leads to your goals and therefore your success.