01 May 2008

Barber Taboo

There are two barbers in a street of shophouses. One barber shop has the most customer because of the following reasons:

- it is located near to the residential areas
- it is located next to the bus stop
- it is located next to the temple
- it is located very near to the market

The other barber shop without the above reasons and the shop is facing very few average customers in a day. But both barbers are brothers and have acquired the same techniques of a perfect haircut.

One day the ‘unlucky’ barber had an idea to sway customers to his shop. He had his friend who is a fortune teller. He begged the fortune teller to tell a lie to the people who visit his shop to seek for good fortune. What is that lie?

The fortune teller to convince the ‘fortune seekers’ to avoid hair dressing saloon on Tuesday and this will bring in better luck for them. In time to come there were no customers in any of the barber shops. The barber shop owner who was having good business decided to close his shop on Tuesday due to poor business. The other barber shop did not close the business on Tuesday but gave 50 percent discount on Tuesday. This resulted in more customers coming to his shop and customers found out that his service was as good as other shop-his business began to improve.

Just because of a ‘taboo’ can make us to take different course of actions. So next time if you have such beliefs, see if it is worthwhile to go along that line. Read between the lines of your belief. It could be originated for the advantage of someone.

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