16 April 2008

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog? – It was during the year 2006, when I got a lap top for $800/- from a friend. I found that the internet is the best place to look for many things. One of it is how you can express your ideas through a web log.

I happened to find Blogger with which you can make a nice blog for free: create an account; name your blog; choose a template. Despite having zero knowledge of hyper text markup language (html) I was able to create a blog. That’s great I thought.

Got To Hear Me

From infant we are told what to do. Our wants had been crushed one way or another by our parents and guardians. When we had joined in a school our teachers became our so called beacon of guidance. When we joined in a workforce, our friends and colleagues became our mentors. We cannot change reality.

But the internet world is entirely different. You can throw a junk of your thoughts. No one seemed to care much. In fact when I did my first blog, I did not care much about what others might say or think about what I say. I just threw whatever I felt about an incident or an event.

Who ever reads my blog has to just ‘hear’ me ‘babbling’ away without thinking what the other thinks about me of my thoughts. I simply care less. Blog is unlike reality. No matter what, you got to hear me and hear me good. At least for a while until your blog ranks higher through time.

There is a chance that the readers may comment on what is written. It can be positive or negative to what you have written. But to date I have got no real comments. Either what I am writing is foolish or that I had been doing a perfect ‘sermon’. I am the ‘pastor’ and you are the page readers. You can ‘hear me’ loud and clear but I can’t ‘hear’ you!

I feel great about this thing called blog.

Online diary

Blog can be my online diary. Anything that happens in our lives is for our own learning. Why did I not gel with that person? Why am I still struggling in life? What happened in office today? Why I got a crush with the office staff?

Online diary is a little different from our usual book diary. In book diary you write and keep in the closet. In blogs you need to be rather careful in what you say. Though there is 100 percent freedom in what you say but there is a limit. Always use common sense argument and see the interesting side of things. And do not get very personal.

In my many posts I have deliberately included my personal experiences very subtly to explain certain concepts of the subject matter. Rather than making your blog as a diary it is a smart way of introducing yourself at a personal level when you post your blogs.

Love writing

This is conditional. To be a successful blogger you need to be a prolific natural writer. Blog is not like writing a book. If the posts are written in a way of having a communication with the reader, the chances the reader may like your writing. If a blogger can communicate with the reader then he becomes an excellent blogger.

Do not be too sensitive about the language. Do make mistakes and let your reader correct you by comments. In this manner you can rank high in page. Try to play innocent and be very humble in writing. The reader will only judge a blogger by the way he writes. So be as humble as possible and ask for their wonderful opinions.


The basis of any affiliations is money. It is the root of life. It is the medium for a comfortable life. The internet will become an uninhabitable world if the perks of blogging are not there. Using Google Ad sense and other Affiliate Marketing Programs as a blogger you can monetize your blog.

When busking using your blog I always will try not fall into the anxiety trap. Initially, your ad sense accounts show very little money made despite having made 10 posts. But, as I have once said blogging is a marathon game. If you think you can make quick bucks by blogging put your fingers at rest and do other interesting thing.

Get focused on your theme and topics that you will want to post. Do not fade just because your money chart moves up like a snail. Rather be passionate on your everyday post and try to concentrate on your content.