16 November 2008

How To Make Readers And Robots Fall In Love With Your Posts?

Initially, when I was planning to do a niche blog in ‘Proenrichment’ I thought of purely focusing on enriching our lives. But then the mere fact that I am communicating about self development to readers through this blogging media had enforced me to include a sub niche which I had named it ‘blogging challenges’. It is inevitable. Pundits of bloggers will tell you that you need to have only one niche when blogging. But I think this belief system has to be re written as I am facing lots of challenges when I communicate to the readers by blogging. To me a niche on blogging challenges thus unavoidable.

Advantages of a sub niche

All successful movies have a bigger plot and a minor plot; the hero on one end and the villain on the other side. In my blog of Proenrichment my objective was to prove that the mind is the one machine head that can pull us through to any direction we want to go. So I linked success is a function of the mind. But then I simply cannot avoid the challenges I face as a blogger. Thus arose a sub niche named ‘blogging challenges’.

Successful life is all about experience and enjoyment in the process. Being serious will not make us a happy person. Have you watched your kids when they are at play? They are just ineffably happy all the time. They are having fun and at the same time learning to grow. Likewise, in the pursuit of success we need to have fun too. That is why I have introduced a category on ‘mind games’. So my niche is simple here. If you want to enrich your lives then manage your mind and at the same have fun. Two benefits to have a sub niche are as follows:

- many posts to write about
- make your blog interesting and not boring

Limit Your Category

If you have browsed the internet for some time you can see that a specific blog has many categories. This is rather confusing for readers who visit a particular page. It is best to limit the category to not more that than 4 groups. My blog has 4 categories which I have named them as topic.

Category is heading for sub niche(s) of the main theme. In designing too many categories, you find that readers are not guided correctly. Most readers will go away if they find that a specific blog is too confusing to follow. Make your readers as comfortable as possible by making your navigation as simple as possible.

If you have planned your niche correctly then it will be easy to group your posts for easy navigation.

Make search engines fall in love with your posts

I stumble upon an article recently which I think worth mentioning here. When you name your pages name them with strong keywords. For example if you have a page written as


change it to

[blogname].blogspot.com/[post title name].html

Search engines like google crawlers will speed up to your posts and your blog will have more indexed pages. You can read this in detail here