19 October 2008

How To Clean Your HTML

What is wrong with the World Wide Web Consortium validator. Recently I visited JD Mier’s Blog who proudly presented the 100 Technoratti blogs as a post article. I was curious and picked out the best 5 below. Well even the best blogs in technoratti cannot be validated by W3C. Try and click them and see for yourself.




Huffington Post

Boing Boing

My own site Proenrichment obviously has errors as I am still learning. But you know there is inherent ‘dirty’ hyper text mark-up language template when validated by W3C produce enormous errors.

I just want to clean up my dirty html. That is not only my challenge but a challenge faced by the blogosphere population. What is the appropriate language we are talking about? What is the point of having a common language? Easy communication is the advantage- I think. But do you think we need to have another competitor if need be.

If only can blogspot can upload a cleaner template or html. Perhaps it should form its own consortium as a competitor with w3c. We have many languages in the world. There is one way of bringing down the errors when validated with w3c is by using html frameset 4.0 in your doctype . Type the following after DOC Type

4.0 Frameset//EN""