22 April 2008

Do You Need To Hit Your Opponent?

Do you need to hit each other?

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Despite given a fairly equal ability the successful people mostly come outstanding by hitting their counterparts hard. It is like the ‘tom and jerry’ cartoon where Tom hits Jerry. And, Jerry waiting for an opportunity to hit Tom.

Is this necessary for any success? When I say ability I mean the physical and mental abilities to perform the same kind of work. In this case even if you do not hit your ‘opponents’ down, it still makes your ‘rival’ less worthy as you have carried out the job well.

One fine day there is an email in your inbox from your senior saying that you have not sent him or her the report on time. But in fact you have done it so. You are a conscientious worker. After you have spoken to ‘boss’ over the telephone he or she still not convinced about your story. In that case you can provide evidences that you have faxed to him on time. Despite clarifications, the senior did not send you a fresh email to dilute the previous email by telling you how sorry he or she was in the misjudgement. But if there is no such reply, then you better hit him or her back as the first email was ‘cc ied’ to your head of department. Clear your good name.

In every Apprentice episode, the loser will walk away after being hit by so many people in the boardroom. In life you can become the sculptor or the statue. Either way you will win in the end.