19 April 2008

Seclusion Of The Mind

While I was performing a meditation, my phone began to ring. I simply cannot get away with technological disturbances. I should have made the phone mode to ‘off’ as a form of escapism from tech world. It requires conscious effort to avoid the ‘devil’.

Among the many human diseases, it is time to realise that involving with technology has its bad effects. The hardest problem the human mind face with technology is of course ‘addiction’ to it. Too much of anything can be addiction. The vulnerability of the human mind set forth a pattern of human behaviour as a result of close affiliations. It has to be ‘trained’ to be so called ‘non-committal’. Seclusion of the mind can be the answer.

Teenagers are most affected with technology. Name one teenager who does not have a hand phone. Short messaging for example can elicit unquestionable reverence through time. Internet is the next world the human mind has to deal with. Seth says ‘..the internet doesn’t help. Today, bad news anywhere in the world shows up in your browser in seconds…’ To have a peaceful mind, the mind needs some sort of seclusion.

After meditation, I call back my missed call. Guess what. Someone on the other side has problem with the browser. No peace of mind from something that is not real.