05 April 2008

Values Integrated

One evening while I was waiting for my bus, there was this bus waiting at the bus stop. It is not the usual bus where commuters board to the interchange. In my country, the interchange is a hub end for all major bus routes and there from the minor bus route out to housing estates by ‘feeder service’.

The unusual bus was parked at the bus bay waiting for passengers. After getting some information I came to understand that the bus is going near to the interchange. The charges will be one dollar. Wow! That’s great. It is very much cheaper than what I was paying usually. In fact I was saving 60 cents!

After I had boarded the bus I came to be more convinced that this service is much better than what I was patronizing. The bus was not crowded unlike my usual bus which most of the time is packed like human sardine! The seats were comparatively comfortable.

I found out that the driver is actually making a business out of his company vehicle. I believed he is off duty and making his way home. On his way home he is making at least 10 dollars (there were ten passengers in the bus). 300 dollars average in a month!

Undoubtedly, the bus driver is making out good value to him and others by using his company bus to good use. He is of course not cheating his company as the same amount of engine or the mechanism power will used to get to his home even he drove the vehicle without the ‘passengers’. Great thinking!

Now how will I make out good values out of my own resources?