23 July 2008

About Page

Success is the function of the mind itself. The mind which is cloudy will come to a conclusion that success is by luck and timing. The successful person is lucky and that the timing was good. The thinking process in the mind is a pattern thus formed by the person’s experience, values, needs and perceptions.

My History

The year 2004 was a fantastic year for me as I found a way to express my opinion and suggestion online. Blogging has been giving me the opportunity to connect to the world. I became engrossed with blogs and I started to get much information about blogging ardently. The qualities I have had is that I love to write and have read 300 self improvement books! I need to put all that into good use.

My Other Hobby

During my teenage ‘era’ my only hobby is painting. I was very much obsessed with it that a day will never pass without finishing at least two paintings. As life became busy I began forgetting my inborn talent. Like writing painting is also a way to communicate to the masses.

My Profession

My professionalism lies in building management. It is a field I had voluntarily aimed for and still love what I do. People say I am a ‘doctor’ of buildings. Well it is a tough job. Basically, I have to handle complaints from tenants, ‘bosses’ and service providers. In this field you have to be like ‘sponge bob’- absorb all the complaints.

Why Proenrichment?

My objective in Proenrichment is to make you a person you want to be. One main benefit of reading my article is definitely original to the core. I truly wish that it is likeable. I will also like to cite to readers some of my thoughts. My first post was written in 2007. My latest post is about Be Number One.

This site is dedicated to helping people to learn to appreciate and tackle the many things that we encounter in our daily lives. I have created a category for readers to browse easily as appended here:

Life gets complicated if it is not sliced up to simple bits for a bite. That is why I have made my category comprehensive as possible. I do not want to cloud you with complexity. Simplicity is my aim.

Success is the product of a beautiful mind. Success is a mind game after all. If you want to be successful in anything you do then mould your mind to get the desired result in life. When the ambit of human mind is reached that will be the greatest felicity of life!

I hope you will like Proenrichment.