09 April 2008

Stay On Track

The thought process of reason varies with each individual. Faced with more or less a similar challenge each individual takes a different approach to it. The mechanism of the mind is different with each person. Simply it is because our mind is mapped based on our origin, our set of conditions we grow up with, experiences, education, and values and so on. Environmental factors may be possible to affect an entity even at ‘genetic’ level. Emily Singer says that there is interaction between a gene and environment.

All will end well in their place of choice if only we can learn how to manage our minds. ‘I will never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong’ says Bertrand Russell. Beliefs are the reservoir of the thought processes effected by outside stimuli or experience. The thinking process happening in a human mind is a self organized pattern, which has evolved on its own, by the forces of outside physical source. ‘Like father like son’ can no longer be applied here. The bond between a mother and a child varies with families as all mothers treat their babies differently. Playpen is not a popular feature anymore as a baby caring product as it impedes babies’ mental growth.

Success is therefore lies in our mind. Manage it and steer your thinking to your destination. What you think is what you are. But before you put on your thinking cap you need to train your mind on the course you want to take.

Be Contended and Happy

Be in a state of satisfaction does not mean you are riding in the path of a defeatist. It is a transient oasis where a traveler takes his time to rest to gain energy to reach his destination the next day. In whatever position you are in right now you have to stay happy.

But to be in a positive emotional state you need to make some effort to stay in that state of felicity. There is a checking system if your mood swings to the ‘negative’ track. If you ask anyone you know that whether are they happy in their life the answer in most cases will not be a strong yes. It is hard to find a person in a continuous elative state.

How many times in a day you really feel that you are happy? I believe you can count with your fingers. For one reason or another you will feel gloomy. You have to find an antidote to being happy. But why do you have to be happy?

All decision emanates from your emotion In that state of happiness a person makes a better decision. Music and mantras can only alleviate your emotions for a short while. You can try the tips from WikiHow to stay happy.


I have the habit of discussing the tactics of a successful and fulfilling life with my colleques and friends. In most of my discussion I will not get a specific goal from anyone. All I have heard is that ‘I want to have big house’ ‘I want to be successful’ and so on. No specific answer detected in those answers. Only when you have a specific goal you can draw out a plan to reach it.

A plan can be linear or a flow chart. The basic thing to do is to go backwards from the goal you set out. If your goal is to earn S$2 million dollars in the next ten years then you need to generate around S$16K in a month. That is not all. You need to goal subdivision to make that S$16K.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Stay Focused

Once you have made a goal or goal subdivision you need to stay focused. But how to stay focused till you reach your goal?

In the planning part of your goal you need to fragment your goals till you can manage the small pieces. An income of 40 dollars an hour will get you almost 16 thousand dollars in a month.

Write down what you need to do in a month, in a day and in an hour each day. By writing down your steps it is hard to forget them. In a specific moment what exactly the steps you have to take?

Find a companion who shares the same goal as you. By making friends who empower you as how I am empowering you now will make you land on your dreams. They might offer your good advice. Reading empowering books can be useful to stay focused.

Distraction is one major obstacle to stay on track. If you need to do a task at that specific moment – do it. You will lose the opportunity of time and dive into mismanagement if you use that specific time for other things which derails you from your goal. A student who always answers telephone calls during her study time is definitely tampering with her plan for success.

Other time wasters are reading emails, reading text messages and short message service. These are impersonal universes and most of the time not connected to your goals.

Wavering mind is a product of having no goals. Do not let your self organized mind to entrap you in the path of failure. Rearranging your thinking process is a skill that can be applied. If you want something in life – define it. Be specific and draw out a time table to reach it.
Stay On Track!