28 April 2008

Belief Bubble

As a child, I love to play ‘blow bubble’. You have this soap liquid in a small container and you have ‘search button’ like dipper. You dip this dipper into the liquid and blow out the soapy water and you create beautiful bubbles. Our lives are like these soap bubbles. We had been living in our belief bubbles-it is the result of early conditioning or someone has had already conditioned us to live in that flimsy bubble!

The Great Buddha once told his disciple that ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think…’

It is time to break this belief bubble surrounding us if there is a need to change your life. If you want to improve your finance, career, romance, marriage, your rapport with your friends, children, your living conditions, lifestyle it is imperative that the beliefs you hold to this day need to be revised.

Have you seen people with lots of cash in their vault? I have. Have you found out what is the difference between them and the people with zero bank balance? The difference is that the cash rich is preoccupied to save much money as they can and earn money in whichever way they want to.

It is very easy to break the bubble you are living in. But you need a new bubble that brings you towards the destination chosen. It is like shifting to a new ‘home’ of living.

If you happen to get an opportunity to marry a rich opposite sex who is 20 years older than you, does it matter if it goes against your belief that your life partner should be much better than you in charisma? Or perhaps you will think that your friends will look down on you because you get into it for money.

If you have decided on a goal, do not let your unsupportive beliefs get into the way. List down your beliefs and see if it is working for your goal. If you want to get rich read 10 Impeding Beliefs That Prevent You From Getting Rich.

The first step to success is to define a goal. The second step is to find the methodology. Finally, you have to dispose useless beliefs and create a fresh belief bubble