11 April 2008

Be Original

I had my lunch in a good place today . I usually go to this eating place in TEBAN. Here in Singapore we do not call it an eating place or house but we simply call it a hawker center. It is a very new ‘eating house’. You can find great ‘Singapore cuisine’. Well I am not going to write about food here. It was a well designed place.

Designing a blog takes up most of our Time. It is like making your house as good as your neighbours. You have to choose good colours and a pretty good header. It is not a 100 meters race but it is going to be a long road- a marathon.You have got to replenish your Energy.

If the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Believe that you will do well in the end. The crucial behaviour in any art is patience. Picking up such Attitude gives you that giant step for a successful blog.

Give an impression to readers that you are Never a Copycat. You can go to Copyscape to get the cute logo. At least try your very best to be be original as possible :)