06 April 2008

Move By Imagination

Inertia is inversely related to conscious goal. If you can recall the position you were in 5 years ago and if you can find some changes now, it can be a sure sign that you are not an inactive person. One way or another you could have made some goals consciously or subconsciously to get where you are now.

It is your goal you have made 5 years ago for your business expansion. If it is otherwise, there can only two reasons for it. Either you love what you do or that simply you have not made conscious goal to steer through in life.

Be it financial freedom, emotional management or ending in a dream house or career, the one thing you have to do to attain your destination is to make out a conscious goal. To know what you are getting into is another way of saying.

Many people drive their lives based on jealousy or self pity. These emotions will not get anyone anywhere. If you can solve a dire problem - you are in the path of bliss and enrichment. If you can give tremendous value to other peoples’ lives you are part of the process of enriching lives. You are one of the successful ones.

Most people did not do what they actually want to do. They are there because their parents, wife or friends told them to do so. It was not their choice. And when they found that what they are doing did not give them the happiness and satisfaction, insecurity sets in. In hindsight, everything seemed to be regrettable. Therefore live consciously and decide on what you want to do consciously.

I have attempted to give a short preview of goal setting in my article on How To Make A Goal In 30 Minutes .Before you want to take out that pencil and put all those you learn there, you need to do one thing first. This is vital.

The first step in goal setting is to imagine the result of this particular goal to be a success. It can be anything in the world. But only if you can make sure that the result of it will add enormous value to your life and those attached with you, then you are ready to cement the other steps to greater heights. Remember if you missed this out in your goal setting, it is like laying brick without motar.

First thing first

Is there a simple step on how to use the power of your imagination to good use? Nothing is created in this universe wastefully. Everything has a purpose behind.

The fact that we all can imagine is a gift of life. It is a blessing. The simple truth is that most people are not successful is that they are shrugging off their imagination to be wishful thinking. If you are not sure read How To Use Your Imagination.

If you want to make an impact goal you have to be sure of the end result of what you are getting into. On the way home you see a very attractive girl. You like her and wish that she be your friend. Imagine the elative moments you will have by befriending her. We could have missed those succulent chicken parts if not for Colonel Sanders imagination and perseverance!

If legendary Muhammad Ali never use his imagination in a fight he could never have had become the ultimate champion in the world of boxing. In his own words ‘A man who has no imagination has no wings’. Muhammad Ali did sting like a bee!

The fastest road from point A to point B is to teleport a matter to that destination. It is imagination what makes you influence in whatever you want to do.

First comes thought, then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning as you will observe is in your imagination. Napolean Hill said this.