30 November 2008

Blogspot to Wordpress

Hello dear readers

19 November 2008 i celebrated my 48th birthday and in that moment i decided to bring my blog forward to elevate it to a higher platform. I have opened http://proenrichment.com to ensure that the people of the world get access to my blog. Please visit my blog and all newer post will be posted at proenrichment.com


18 November 2008

How To Overcome Retrenchment?

Is the recession around the corner? Do not think about it. Companies do not want to expand because they fear the demand will fall further in the near future. All man on the street who is an employee fears that he or she might get retrenched.

Citigroup who has a global workforce of 370,000 intends to cut around 50,000 jobs worldwide. You can read this story here. The domino effect of the slowing of the world economy started from the big drop from the United States of America home prices.

Consumers got a 100 percent leverage of buying a home. Many made millions and when the bubble burst they became bankrupt and banks still absorbing the loss. With home prices and stock prices came crashing in Wall Street, it had a serious repercussion with the rest of the world. World trade affected with many companies cut staff strength. So if you are one of them do not worry but start living again.

Big Picture

De –leverage?

The important thing for the man on the street to see is not his self but the ‘big picture’. What is the ‘big picture’? Every citizen has a duty to fix the recession. The popular keyword is ‘de-leveraging’.

It means everyone borrows less. But when less money gets borrowed, less is spent. And when less is spent, the economic engine turns more slowly. Before you know it, you’ve got a recession.

Banks, on the other hand, had just written off the most bad debts in history. They are in no mood to go down that path again. Now it spontaneously turns away loan application with even a whiff of risk.

Do you think de-leveraging is a good idea? The minus point is it reduces borrowing, spending and makes recession more likely.

Learn a new skill?

If you are working in the bank and you get retrenched don’t sink to depression and cry about it. Naturally your employer will give you a ‘retrenchment benefit’ in the form of money and cash. Use it wisely by enrolling in learning a new skill.

You can choose any of the following new skills:

- take a taxi licence
- take a course on web designing
- take a pre entry test on child care
- if you have passion in painting learn that skill as you can paint quality paintings and sell them
- learn how to play a music instrument and teach others
- learn the skills of writing

Use the new skill to get a new job and be prepared mentally to adjust the ‘humble pie’ as normally the salary will be lower than your previous job.

Work 24 hours

Recently I met my friend who works as a full time music teacher and a part time security personnel. He is working 24 hours? No not really. As a full time music teacher he has to be around with the students and teachers. But at night working as a security officer he has many hours of doing nothing and uses that time to get his rest.

There are many other jobs in the country where you do not need that full hours of effort but has some lee way to get your rest. If you work 24 hours you can cover up the loss of income when you are working in a new field. In Singapore, Mustaffa Centre is a 24 hour shopping centre looking for night shift staff.

Your Picture


Cover the fixed expenses – includes rent, utility charges, food expenses, mortgage payment etc
Terminate all insurance expenses – as insurance is paid to for the ‘anxiety trap’
Live Out of Credit
Take cheaper transport
Cut off all inessentials like hand-phone

Learn the basics of blogging

16 November 2008

How To Make Readers And Robots Fall In Love With Your Posts?

Initially, when I was planning to do a niche blog in ‘Proenrichment’ I thought of purely focusing on enriching our lives. But then the mere fact that I am communicating about self development to readers through this blogging media had enforced me to include a sub niche which I had named it ‘blogging challenges’. It is inevitable. Pundits of bloggers will tell you that you need to have only one niche when blogging. But I think this belief system has to be re written as I am facing lots of challenges when I communicate to the readers by blogging. To me a niche on blogging challenges thus unavoidable.

Advantages of a sub niche

All successful movies have a bigger plot and a minor plot; the hero on one end and the villain on the other side. In my blog of Proenrichment my objective was to prove that the mind is the one machine head that can pull us through to any direction we want to go. So I linked success is a function of the mind. But then I simply cannot avoid the challenges I face as a blogger. Thus arose a sub niche named ‘blogging challenges’.

Successful life is all about experience and enjoyment in the process. Being serious will not make us a happy person. Have you watched your kids when they are at play? They are just ineffably happy all the time. They are having fun and at the same time learning to grow. Likewise, in the pursuit of success we need to have fun too. That is why I have introduced a category on ‘mind games’. So my niche is simple here. If you want to enrich your lives then manage your mind and at the same have fun. Two benefits to have a sub niche are as follows:

- many posts to write about
- make your blog interesting and not boring

Limit Your Category

If you have browsed the internet for some time you can see that a specific blog has many categories. This is rather confusing for readers who visit a particular page. It is best to limit the category to not more that than 4 groups. My blog has 4 categories which I have named them as topic.

Category is heading for sub niche(s) of the main theme. In designing too many categories, you find that readers are not guided correctly. Most readers will go away if they find that a specific blog is too confusing to follow. Make your readers as comfortable as possible by making your navigation as simple as possible.

If you have planned your niche correctly then it will be easy to group your posts for easy navigation.

Make search engines fall in love with your posts

I stumble upon an article recently which I think worth mentioning here. When you name your pages name them with strong keywords. For example if you have a page written as


change it to

[blogname].blogspot.com/[post title name].html

Search engines like google crawlers will speed up to your posts and your blog will have more indexed pages. You can read this in detail here

07 November 2008

How To Rank High In Google

Since the first weblog went online in 1999, blogging has exploded into something of a phenomenon that has created millionaires, brought down politicians and changed the face of modern new reporting. Blogging has come a long way since Jorn Barger coined the term weblog on his Robot Wisdom website in 1997.

In this blogging marathon race with 175,000 new blogs being created worldwide every day the competition of which blog or blogs will be flagged high up in the sky like a star for all to see is a desire for all bloggers. I mean it has to be an undying desire to become number one in the blog race. It must be the objective of every blogger to give value to each and every visitor who patronise his or her blog. But then can passion for something die before it reaches its desired glory? If your answer is a yes then I think you need to explore what is your piece of cake. If you do not have a page-rank yet – there is no cause for alarm.

Watching the Olympics marathon is a good lesson on grasping the tactics for any success. Success is all about completing an action. But then when it comes to competition you cannot lose the game. In order to do that you have to take note very seriously on the kinds of decision you are going to take on every of step of your destination.

Contention can give you a peace of mind. But winning a contest or a game is the real success story. Competition is good because it checks your inertia and passive nature. In a marathon run, those who adhere to the following will more or less come out as a winner.

Do not drift away

At the very onset of the competition, the runners stay close to the leaders. They are enthusiastic and eager to win the race. The one thing in their mind is to reach the finishing line before others. They crave to win the race.

If you are into blogging, the first that you have to train is your mind. Think like a winner. If a table cleaner in a restaurant thinks of becoming the best table cleaner his preoccupation will be to clean the table well and dry. In the absence of passion staying positive alone will elevate the performer to success. That is sufficient for any success story- for a start.

If the restaurant owner thinks of making his business number one he will show drastic improvement in creating various delicacies and dealings with the customers. You will drift away if you allow your mind into thinking of losing or thinking negatively.

Stay on with the machine head

The important thing in a marathon race is to seek a mentor. He is the competitor who runs ahead of the entire group of runners. He is the machine head of the entire train.

The art of success is to copy those who are in the lead. In blogging, you have to know what others in your niche blog are doing. Type ‘ 100 top popular blogs’ in yahoo or google to track those who are in lead. And please try to make some comments to their blogs and link to them by your signature. Here is an example on how you can comment :

‘ Hello (name), you have written an excellent article and I just want to add something to your post…… best regards’. Perhaps you can email to them with a personal message on the good points of their posts and can request for a link to your site. Ask and then you receive. But if you do not receive do not worry. Keep on trying.

If a popular site has a forum, that is an added advantage. Join as a member an participate in the forum and link again via your signatures.

It is all about back links

A highly ranked blog is attributed to numerous back links. Get the google toolbar and install onto your browser. It is a useful tool and you can analyse the ‘fate’ of each blog. Be happy as I am on the same boat.

The only assured way you can get back link is by requesting from a high ranked site or whenever you post your new articles in blog carnival. The steps to post an article in blog carnival are as follows:

Create an account
Write post that is within the framework of the list in the carnival

If you write a post that is more or less by the blog carnival list it is easier to decide on which carnival you can post your article. For a start you can do this and when you have a good page rank then you can control your contents of your blog. I think if you can adopt posting one article a week will do well to your blog.
"Last night i had a vision in my dream that i am asking someone of the success of blogging. He says put your blog in the midst of the darkest sky and no one will miss it"

01 November 2008

Tips On How To Have A Vision - Leadership 3

I always wanted to know how intelligence influences leadership qualities in a person. How is intelligence gauged? It is purely measured by academic qualification. This qualification can secure a good job but it cannot guarantee leadership quality in a person. In my previous post on leadership I have touched on two factors -being humble/have inspiration-which can make anyone leader. Being a visionary will bring your rank in leadership one step higher.

What is to be a visionary? If you have watched the movie ‘Jumper’ you will realise the meaning of a visionary. In jumper, the self is transported to another destination of choice without any mode of transportation. It is ‘teleportation’. It is the teleportation of a thought to an end which is favourable to the thinker and his surroundings. All leaders are leaders if they have visionary ‘talents’. There is no such thing as visionary leaders as all leaders are visionaries. There is a difference between management and visionaries: the former is concerned with smooth operation and the latter concentrates on the direction of their team, focused on people and goals. A leader with a vision hardly commands his team. A commander is only a manager.

Visionary cannot be labelled as a talent as it is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone who follows the steps below:

Use Law Of Attraction

The secret is discovered. All leaders have one thing in common. They attract their own reality. You enrich your lives just by thinking. What you ask is what you get theory.

If you are a leading a team of staff in an organization and if you want to be a leader with a vision- think about how to improve the lives of your co workers. By such thoughts you will likely to attract circumstances some kind of vision for your team. In the end, your team will look upon you not as a manager but a visionary. Had it not been Mahatma Ghandi’s vision of freedom the history of India would have got a different route. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Ghandi taught India and the world at large how to attain freedom by non-violence.

The problem with accepting with the law of attraction is not the theory but the person who is applying this law. Logic of effort seemed illogical when there is effortless involved. The logic of the mind is just a mirage in a desert. It is not the reality. The logical questions might be something like this:

What happens when people put out conflicting intentions, like two people intending to get the same promotion when only one position is available?

Do children, babies, and/or animals put out intentions

If I intend for my relationship to improve, but my spouse doesn’t seem to care what will happen?

The theory states that you attract what you want. That is all. In the process of attracting if your mind plays logic with what you attract then it is a futile pursuit. The right word to use is not intent but attract.

The steps to this theory are three:

First step - attract your vision
Second step - focus your team (subject) and only attract your vision

If logic is played by the mind go to step one quickly.

Seek Disadvantage

The human mind seeks the negative or disadvantaged portion of a matter. If you find some bad behaviour in a person use it to your advantage. There has to be a starting point in thinking. Begin with disadvantage in mind and create an advantage from it.

The first city reservoir which was opened in Singapore recently is a good example for all the nations in the world. Singapore’s vulnerability of water dependence to country like Malaysia has made it into a water producer after twenty years of planning and execution of damming the mouth of Marina channel.

Give Energy to Your Brain

The brain represents 2% of the body weight. But it receives 15% of the cardiac output, 20% of total body oxygen consumption, and 25% of total body glucose utilization. In yoga the various position or asana is considered to improve muscle flexibility, tendon strength stamina and most importantly optimise function of respiratory system and circulatory system.


I recommend readers to do this simple position on the start of the day: prostration or Surya Namaskara or sun worship translated. It consists of two positions: stand upright first and then prostrate as shown here

Prior to having your breakfast drink honey with lukewarm water. Honey consists of:

Fructose (38.5%)
Glucose (31.0%)
Sucrose (1.0%)
Water (17.0%)


The health goodness of eating dates is being underrated. Eating dates will boost our brain activity. For every 100 g of date fruits you will receive 648 mg of potassium which is beneficial for neuron function. It is a good booster to the brain activity as most of us get a little tired in the afternoon.

Get your aura right

When I say aura I am saying the aura in a conscious state of the mind. To improve you vision you need a good sleep which produces lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is that dream where you can easily understand. Most of the discovery that we are enjoying are attributed to lucid dreaming. See how dreams affected the lives of some famous people here. To have a vision in your dream do the following steps:

Take a bath before sleeping
Fragrance your room with musk, sandalwood or other aroma
Apply some fragrance oils on your hands and chest

You need to sleep well and be able to remember what you dream about.

Stupid thinking

Isaac Newton wasted his time for the theory of gravity until an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under an apple tree. To have a vision we do not have wait for things to happen. We can use words or things to get an idea from it.

In giving a unique name to watches which are cheap but resembles the touch of Switzerland watches – swatch is created. The current financial crisis can be solved by just creating a word or by seeing a thing and infer a solution from it. If I use the word lines then I can infer having two lines in between two highs and lows. I will suggest pegging stock prices to a reasonable high and low indices. It means even if share prices drop if it drops further than the agreed index it will not be a valid price. The price has to move between two extremes. Perhaps economist can look into this as a possible solution.

Anyone can give a stupid idea which can become a vision.

22 October 2008

Live Out Of Bad Credits

In Sydney, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ) –being the third biggest lender – said on Monday that it expected much higher bad debt provisions in the first half of fiscal 2008. This reflects difficult conditions facing Australian firms amid the global credit crunch. The provisions will be about A$975 million or a 72 percent increase from a year ago.

In the midst of the credit crunch, the many bank rescue plans established in many countries around the world would re establish the confidence needed between commercial banks to ensure smooth functioning of markets on which business credit depends.

Do not be part of bad credits. There is an opportunity here. Here are my tips on how to ride your credit horse wisely.

Use Credit Card to Buy Shares

If you possess a credit card use it to buy shares. For instance if the offer price is S3.50 per share 1 lot or 1000 shares will cost $3,500. If you can borrow up to 70 per cent of the value of the shares it means you have to fork out only $1,050 cash upfront. With your credit card you can borrow up to 100 percent of the share value.

Assuming your bank charges around $400 (inclusive of processing fee) monthly instalment for 12 months, you will be on save track provided you pay on time to avoid interest of over 20 percent. And then you can hope that your share price goes up. I think it will. Be realistic. Can we afford to buy everything from cash? But there is some sense to this. If you are borrowing for ‘an asset’ in this case shares it is an investment. Let me give some encouragement.

The second-richest American and perhaps the world’s most revered investor, Mr Warren Buffet says he is buying US stocks for his personal account. To him a simple rule dictates his decision in investment –‘Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful’.

Hold on to that property if you can

Gone are the days where a house is just a ‘giver’ of shelter. It is an investment in today’s context. In Singapore, if you own a house it is a guaranteed asset value appreciation. If you have bought a flat in 1987 and sold it in 1998 you could have made a whopping cash-in savings. If you are on a bank loan try to lock in for one year and then opt for refinancing to seek for better interest in another bank.

A property is an asset. If you dwell in it or rent it –either way it is considered an asset. If you rent it then you have to stay somewhere. The middle path to cash in a property investment is to stay in and rent part of the house- perhaps a room. This is what I called value integrated. Find other uses of your property where it can ‘earn’ for you

By holding onto your property you will gain in the long run. Moreover, you will not be in the list of the bank’s bad credits.

Turn Bad Credits To Good Credits

The scenario in United States is entirely and unusually different. There is this thing as sub prime mortgage or lending. Borrowers who apply for such loan have a heightened perceived risk of default, such as those who have a history of loan delinquency or default, and those with a recorded bankruptcy. So when borrowers failed to make debt repayment it caused a domino effect to the banking system. The failure of the investment firms, mortgage companies and government sponsored enterprises which had invested heavily in subprime mortgages so called triggered the crisis.

So what is the solution for the people of America? It is simple. Take responsibility on your bad credits. The Americans have to look at the bigger picture. I know it is hard but you have to somehow manage your debt if you have committed one. The crisis is something they have to learn from. Success is not all about money. It is about reaching on what you set forth. It is about completing all actions. You have decided on a course of action to allocate the country’s resources. You have to take responsibility for that. Turn bad credits to good credits.

‘America asks not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country’

21 October 2008

Tax Software

In the United States the Inland Revenue Department has noted that out of the federal revenue of 2409 billion dollars 345 billion dollars are not collected from tax payers. This tax gap is about 14 percent. This is partly due to the difficulty in preparing the tax return. In Singapore the use of electronic means has risen 88 percent in 2004.

Success is not only about formulating making a goal that you love to reach and reached it. It is not making money in the process thereby making your financial health in the pink. It is about giving to those who have less. It is also about how you find ways to work along the parameters of the laws. It is also about not falling into negligence in preparation of tax that to be given to the government as revenue. Tax evasion can be very costly affair to large corporations. You will lose substantial amount of money if you or company fall into evasion. You can read here on how to survive an audit by Inland Revenue Service.
"Under Singapore Income Tax Act, anyone found guilty of assisting another person to evade tax will similarly be liable to a penalty of three times the tax evade"

It is not ‘proenrichment’ to lose money as fines for evasion. In addition you will be portrayed as a corporate criminal. Why not pay your taxes correctly. As the burden of tax return preparation expands, we need tax software to lift up our burdens to have peace of mind. Make use of the ‘donkey’ to shift your burden. Under Singapore Income Tax Act, anyone found guilty of assisting another person to evade tax will similarly be liable to a penalty of three times the tax evaded. This story of tax evasion in Singapore can be deterrence for those who wants to enrich their lives. Pro enrichment is for Pro tax. In this context I will like to introduce some soft wares that can help in the preparation and submission of tax return.

The following three soft wares can be useful to readers.

Turbo Tax 2007

Whether you are a last minute filer, an avid stock trader or filing your first home purchase, Turbo Tax is an excellent tax preparation product. It has been awarded the ‘Top Ten Review Gold Award’: it has the best design and navigation; user friendly even for beginners; easy set up features.

Further reading about this product

Tax Act 2007
Apart from being awarded with ‘Top Ten Review Silver Award’ with excellent design, navigation and easy set features, this product is much cheaper that Turbo Tax 2007, it has an online tax consultant facility. No Live chats and forum facility for this product. It also has national averages comparison, year to year deduction comparison and joint vs separate filing options like Turbo Tax 2007.

Further reading about this product

H&R Block Tax Cut

This product price is on the high side despite having a mark less for its ‘user friendly features’ when compared to the other two products above. It is not facilitated with forum, national averages comparison, and year to year deduction comparison. It has live chat.

Further reading about this product


19 October 2008

How To Clean Your HTML

What is wrong with the World Wide Web Consortium validator. Recently I visited JD Mier’s Blog who proudly presented the 100 Technoratti blogs as a post article. I was curious and picked out the best 5 below. Well even the best blogs in technoratti cannot be validated by W3C. Try and click them and see for yourself.




Huffington Post

Boing Boing

My own site Proenrichment obviously has errors as I am still learning. But you know there is inherent ‘dirty’ hyper text mark-up language template when validated by W3C produce enormous errors.

I just want to clean up my dirty html. That is not only my challenge but a challenge faced by the blogosphere population. What is the appropriate language we are talking about? What is the point of having a common language? Easy communication is the advantage- I think. But do you think we need to have another competitor if need be.

If only can blogspot can upload a cleaner template or html. Perhaps it should form its own consortium as a competitor with w3c. We have many languages in the world. There is one way of bringing down the errors when validated with w3c is by using html frameset 4.0 in your doctype . Type the following after DOC Type

4.0 Frameset//EN""

17 October 2008

How To Ward Off A Depression

I am no economist. But I cannot simply keep quiet and just watch what is going on around the financial market recently starting from the United States. I was not born yet in that turbulent time when the Great Depression took place in the 1930s. My mother was born in 1938. She escaped the greatest ordeal in the economics of the world. Do you know what is like to go through life in a depression?

Life just sucks. People lost their homes who only borrowed 10 percent of the purchase price. Now we are almost tied up with 90 percent loan for a shelter over our heads. Do you think you can just sit back and watch the show while the ‘economic tsunami’ washes all income and wealth? Do you still want to sit or participate in the war with the ‘devil’ called depression?

Whether the financial woes in America is God’s curse or not but it will meltdown the entire world if it is not corrected correctly. In Singapore, export falls for the fifth straight month in September 2008. At the macro level the various bailouts by the US, British and other nations’ governments are appropriate moves to sustain the respective banking systems.

But as an individual we need to participate in warding off an economic recession. The key factor is to make the demand side of the curve more or less stable. A stable demand is like a brick wall blocking the destructive waves of depression.

Live by your means

Spend only on essentials

Sometimes life’s vital guidelines can be learned from your mother. My mother every time teaches me on how to live a simple life- frugal living. I mean not stingy but prudent in what you spent-necessary spending. If your fingers get swollen beyond recognition it is going to be very painful. Try to cure the swell to escape the painful ordeal.

What are essentials? A telephone back in 1974 can be a luxury. Now a telephone in the house is essential. It can become dispensable when you can email or use a web cam via internet for communication purpose. What about hand-phones? Think about it. I am thinking of terminating my hand phone line when I have completed the 2 year plan.

The simple thing to do is to really list out what are essentials and what are not? This will be different for different people. You can say your lifestyle is different. But bear in mind that if you start prudent living now then you can withstand and survive if a great depression sets in. You have to get used to essential living.

What is essential living? I think living with a bare minimum can be classified as essential living: food, clothing and shelter. You can choose an inexpensive restaurant to eat and wear cheaper cloths. And remember to sell off that ‘asset’ called home if you cannot afford to repay your debt. Try to sell it and get a smaller house.

Live with essentials. I will always encourage my friends to do away with insurance policies. Insurance policy will not only take a big part of your disposable income and in most cases we are paying for our own anxiety trap in life.

Take for example, life insurance policy. The owner pays a constant premium for a number of years. But the sad part of it is that once you break before the maturity date in most insurance policy you will lose a great part of your ‘savings’. It is the fees for pessimistic thinking.

Pay only by cash

If you have the habit to buy everything on credit, change your mindset to pay the items you buy with cash. Always carry a cash amount for the day purchase. If you have some credit to settle to the bank try to settle it and terminate the credit line. It is always better to pay by cash.

It is deviant behaviour towards the basic economic principle that we have ‘limited means but unlimited wants’. Such consumer behaviour will eventually lead them to bubble their wealth by using credit. Live within means is a gospel which had been forgotten. To consciously belief in that statement is a panacea to greed. Do not listen to the ‘devil’ to get whatever you want and pay later by credit. If that happens then I think it is stupidity to pay 20 percent more at the end of the day.

Buy now and pay later theory is what set the American economy into danger zone. During the great depression the country’s total credit is totalled to about 6 billions of dollars.

Spend and Spend

Stay employed

The very core of the cause of the Great Depression was attributed to fall in demand for goods and services produced. The very basic index for any country to worry is the unemployment rate.

During the Great Depression the unemployment rate in America was 25 percent of the working population. Unemployment means a probable fall in demand. Things are produced and manufactured for consumption. As supply increases it will have a great impact on the price of goods and services. With shrinking demand any business can go bust.

At our very best we spend on those things we need and help the demand side of the ‘curve’ to maintain the business of economics. If you lose your job get ready to do any job to generate income for you to spend. A job is better than no job.

Don’t buy paper stocks buy food stocks

Investing your money in stocks and shares can be a good thing if it is done 10-90 rule. I mean if you have 100 dollars park the ten dollars in stocks and shares. If it is done the other way round then you become a gambler. The recent stock exchange news in the media is a lesson for every investor. Play safe.

Savings in the bank will be of little effect on the standard of living as the value of money will be very unpredictable when we enter the recession zone. It is better to keep food stocks as a potato was sold for a million dollars during the Great Depression.

Do you know a car was sold at 100 dollars during the Great Depression? So it is worth a while to stock up your closet with food stuff as food can become scarce during a recession. I mean really scarce.

During the Great Depression people had to queue for a simple meal and food was scarce. Starving children chewed their hands almost drawing blood. Disease was rampant and mortality rate rose. Life during the great depression was really miserable.

So do not just sit and watch the recession blows you lives and wealth away. Practice the above simple rules to get ready for the transition. I hope not.

11 October 2008

How To Have Inspiration - Leadership Course 2

In my earlier post on how to become a great leader, I have discussed about how a humble person is personified as a leader. In this part of the leadership episode I will want to share something that will leverage you to be noticed as a strong leader. If you can happen to see the many posts of leadership in the internet, I think they have touched on this point. Yes I am going to touch on the second most important point in any leadership quality – Inspiration.

Most bloggers have more or less gloss over this important point without a clear explanation on what exactly is inspiration and how it can change the ‘bad’ aura of a personality to a ‘good’ one. We are all humans. Even a leader’s inspiration meter fluctuates like the stocks and share market- Boom and slump-. In the process of knowing what is inspiration is all about the influence or impact it creates in a personality change is great. If we say two persons cannot be having the same personality, we are actually targeting their character rather than physical features.

What we want here is a behaviour change in an individual. Behaviour is the variable which can be altered to suit the environment we live in and it is mostly influenced by our thinking process. Thinking process can be altered by inspiration. Once you have understood this vital point then it is easy for you to inspire others – your children, spouse, staff or even your employer or the company you work in.

Understanding Inspiration

If I say that what you are doing is wrong then what I am doing is right. Technically there is no right and wrong in whatever we do. It is our minds that aspire certain ‘orthodox’ perception of life and we proceed to think along that line. I have the occasion to share my blogs with my ‘friends’ and these are the following answers :

‘hey you a lot of time to do that’

‘hey it will not get you anywhere’

‘what is the use of writing such blogs?’

‘simply waste of time’

Two kinds of Inspiration

What I am proposing is that there are two kinds of inspiration generated. One is expected from outside. If it is not possible to find an external inspiration then be ready to be self motivated. I will discuss about self motivation in future.

Inspiration happens when the subject thoughts and actions is touched upon, motivated, lifted up, accelerated, stimulated, provoked or encouraged with a multiplying effect.


(a) Subject likes & dislikes

You can built a strong observation of the things the subject ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. The person who is keen of growing rich financially can be inspired by showing successful people who have reached financial freedom. If you have observed around, this is the favourite aspiration among many people. That is why we have lots of blogs out there writing about personal development.

(b) Offer solutions

A simple way to identify what to inspire is to give solutions to the subject’s difficulty to a problem. It can be a work related or personal matter. If you happen to sense the subject has a problem- it is the opportunity for to offer a workable solution which can inspire for him to get around with his problem.


Right words

Communication is the tool for finding and giving inspiration. Words are the most powerful tool of any communication. Like what I am doing right now. If you are going to get inspired from this post all I have to do is to choose of right words to convey the message. In other words, in order for a subject to be inspired the person who wants to inspire has to communicate the right and corrects words to the subject.
It is not about eloquence but rather the appropriate words to elaborate.

Do not rush

It is very important that when the subject is targeted for an inspiration it is best to choose at a time when the subject is available. If the subject is not available there is no point of the whole exercise. The listener has other important things to do rather to hear you words of inspiration. It will not work when someone is busy.

Use analogy

This is an important part of communication. It will help the subject to visualise the part he is in compared to the entire environment. He is either the light bulb or the brake or the chain in a bicycle. Once the subject realise his position then he gets inspired.

Do it over lunch or coffee

The best time to inspire a person is when he is in the comfortable zone. Offer lunch to the subject and you will get his cooperation to listen to you.

05 October 2008

5 Tips To Beat Anxiety

5 Tips To Beat Anxiety
Anxiety symptoms can be easily recognised from a person’s face. A behaviour full of fear, apprehension, distress, uneasiness, tensed desire, agitated desire and so on. This is the person who is anxious, apprehensive, concerned, distraught, expectant, fraught, fretful, impatient and uneasy. A person enters an anxiety zone if the clumsy mind is not managed appropriately.

Anxiety can hit even the coolest person on earth. It is one of the major stumbling blocks to success. If it is not dealt or managed properly, the anxious person will portray a timid and non dynamic personality to the public. It prevents participation in social networking which is the major catapult for any success.

Never expect the negative

The mind presupposes an end to a momentum of an event in question. It expects a result. The mind is ‘trained’ to expect a result. Why I say this? What goes up must come down. This is common sense. If you throw a marble to the air it has to drop. That is the natural order of things. What happens if it just be static in the air? The next moment the press will be called to report the phenomena.

This very essence of the mind sets the subject to be in certain behaviour. If the thing expected is positive the behaviour is favourable. For example, a public speaker who expect that the audience will admire and love his speech in the end, will display enormous confident when he speaks. He will be full of smile and happy. He displays friendlier posture and aptitude. This behaviour sends a positive signal to the audience and he becomes a good public speaker.

Linguist Geoff Nunberg note on what makes Mr Obama a good speaker is that ‘if you come with the idea or hope of being engaged…it is engaging’. In other words, if the mind expects a good result the process will be positive.

Remember the last time you had an anxiety trap. Have you got in this kind of situation where you lost your voice during an interview or a presentation where you expected the worse? The next time you feel the same way, use this tactic to escape from such feeling.

Be Prepared In your own way

I have my own experience in this. I remember I was sitting for my mathematics examination in my secondary four finals. I somehow cannot grasp the way to solve a problem in mathematics. However I practice mathematics I got the wrong answer. I carried the belief that I cannot solve a mathematical problem to my examination day. I felt anxious throughout and whenever I sat for the examination. It was because no matter how I tried to solve a problem I could not get it right. I have never got a pass in my previous preliminary examination.

I find reasons to dislike mathematics. In order to find a correct method to solve a problem is like playing golf. One ball and a small hole in a vast open space! My peers told me that practice makes perfect. It is easy said. I knew this but I had to find an alternative way to prepare for this. Can I prepare this in my own way?

I found a way to study by learning worked solutions to a problem. I bought a ten year series on all the probable questions and worked solutions. I read all the probable questions and worked solutions over and over again. I covered this ten year series ten times before the big day. Guess what? I pass the final exam. Why I want to share this experience is that the majority cannot be the right answer.

If you have a task at hand which you think will make you anxious, my advice is to prepare the task in your own way. Once you know what to do then the rest fall in its place.

Do the hard job first; the easy job will take care of itself.

Your contribution is important

When anxiety traps a person to inaction the subject must interpret his participation as a contribution rather than a job. A job can be performed by anyone. When you give you are on the upper hand. Can an employee tell what to do to an employer? This is exactly how to place the mind when attacked by the feeling of anxiety.

In the first place you have been invited for the speech as your organisation thinks you can contribute to the company. Ask not what the listeners want to hear ask what you can contribute to the listener. A potential politician can be viewed as a future leader if the subject convinces listeners of his or her contribution to the country in general.

If the performer has a mindset that the performance is just a job anxiety might set in quickly. Doing just a job might get wrong. But a contribution is a gradient of information from the upper class to the lower end. A contributor feels that everyone is the same like the teeth of a comb. Even if you are standing in front of a media or giving a speech or presenting to the high ranking bureaucrats if you manage your mind into thinking that you are contributing you can have a balance like a ballet dancer. No one knows the topic than you do. Contribute and be cool

Control the situation

In most of the time you are not an anxious person. It is sometimes caused by outside elements.

I had the opportunity to talk about the facility in my estate to the media recently. Well the media representative requested me to give the small performance in Tamil language as earlier on I have given the piece of information in English.

My Tamil language is not as good as my English language and I hesitated initially. After much persuasion I accepted it as a challenge. The interview came and prior to the interview I did step 2 above. I prepared this in my own way. I did well and I was extraordinarily confident doing the interview in Tamil language.

When I stepped in front of the camera, the representative of the media told me to say a certain portion of the facility which I had missed during my English interview earlier. That is it. And I had to take a four times media shots. That made my mind ran into an anxiety trap. I have lost all my readiness for my Tamil interview. I was perspiring with anxiety. I stopped and think again to control the situation.

What I had said in English will be similar in any other languages. I requested the media representative to insert Tamil subtitles when the show runs on the air. She agreed.

Ask question

Have you seen people who ask many questions in a conversation? What they are doing is to get some piece of your mind about a topic in conversation. Once they get all that you have they prepare mentally how to defend their argument later on. You can apply the same tactic to your audience.

Ask them the question how they can add value to his contribution or how they can improve the existing situation. You can do this when anxiety strike you during your performance, presentation, interview or public speaking. This kind of question asking comes very handy during job interview. You can ask how the job you are applying arose in the first place. By asking question you are ‘killing two birds in one stone’ – adding some contribution from the listeners to your topic in question in which case actually make your presentation realistic. Very importantly you are actually diverting listeners’ attention away from you (as you are locked in an anxiety trap)

When John F Kennedy spoke ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country’ what do you think he meant. He became an extraordinary public speaker. No President of the United States of America has had such confidence in front of public. Was his ‘anxious free’ public speaking bestowed by God? I do not think so.

John F Kennedy put the public in one corner that it was their responsibility of giving to the nation together with their leaders. The onus did not lie solely with the leaders who had been portrayed as ‘vote buyers’ and at the ‘servants’ of voters. ‘Can you contribute to the country? This historical question made by the late admirable John F Kennedy made him an ‘immortal’ confident speaker of all time.

Ask question like ‘what can you contribute to my contents?’

The next time you become anxious do not forget to try out the above tips to escape from the anxiety trap.

01 October 2008


Is the human mind perfect? There is a known saying that ‘no one is perfect’. This statement of antiquity is an orthodox guidance to fall back to if the other person seemed not perfect. Can our judgement be imperfect in the first place? The virility of the mind is depended upon its 'education'. Education is the viagra for the human mind.

Cloudy Mind


The many events that are happening around us can be interpreted in many ways. Whether the interpretation is conscious or spontaneous, the end result will only be one.

As how the brain matter is convoluted it is an inherently a coiled cloudy machine. The languages, for example, we speak have unintentional ambiguity unlike computers. Man made creations like computers have one clear straightforward language. Essentially all human languages do have this ambiguity

"Education is the viagra for the mind”

In mathematics, the language is fixed. There may be many methods of solution but the path to reach the result is only one and linear. Mathematical languages do not have ambiguities.

Problem of Belief System

The country Iraq was thought to have weapons of mass destruction even after its invasion. Belief is the ‘unreal’ oasis the mind escapes into in order to make out the meanings of experiences. But to proof this mirage oasis is the truth will jeopardise our own survival at a point in time. We will not ‘exist’ anymore if we were to be fixed in our own paradigm of untruth.

Is there a difference between a home and a temple? One is the place we live in and the other is a spiritual enclave. If seen both as a house then the difference is narrowed and the mind is put in clear linear path of thinking.

In some Asian countries eating fried insects can be a delicacy - it is repulsive to most people. If you are put in a dire situation to eat a grasshopper the first bite is always difficult to swallow. The mind plays a repulsive picture and the psychological barrier is too great. All insects can be a form of food like poultry. What is acceptable to one’s mind is not admissible to another.

Perfect Mind


Perfection means there is no room to grow. A baby initial touch of fire will teach the child not touch fire again. Education is the key factor in making the mind contemporary.

The human mind is different from the animal mind. It is compact and the neurons are thicker so the information passes faster and quicker. A program is built into the animal mind. A bird built its nest out of its basic instinct built into them. No one teaches a bird to build a nest. It does it naturally.

Dogs are trained to trace to tackle the problem of drug trafficking. Chimpanzees and elephants are also used for entertainment purpose in a zoo. Anatomically, the human brain is similar to that of other primates. The inherently ‘absorbent’ power of the human brain made its species an excellent survivor and manager.

It is the fault of philosophy to put the heart second to the mind as this thought can be attributed to the location of both the mind and the heart – the mind is above the heart so it must be better. But heart is the organ which keeps our lifeline in order. It is the cloudy mind that makes our thoughts clumsy.

29 September 2008

Cannot Copy Can Clip

Cannot Copy Can Clip
Google intently search for new and fresh ideas in any web pages or blog. Copying is a bitter word for google spiders. But if you are not allowed to copy you can actually clip mark. Yes it is true.

Unlike bookmarks that links to an entire web page or blog, clipmarks lets you capture a word, phrase, sentence, a paragraph, a picture or a video. After you have clipped you can save it and share it to the public to see what you have clipped. There is also an option to save your clipmark file in private.

The most amazing about clipmark is that you can blog whatever you have clipped with your own amendments and editing.

Go to clipmarks
Sign Up
Install clipmarks software in your computer
Save and Run
Refresh your browser
Click clipmark from tools

Click video for better understanding here

27 September 2008

Live Traffic Feed

It is of paramount importance in the field of blogosphere that a blog should have the traffic. Don't sweat so much! - Rome is not built on one day. Do not expect success overnight.

If you are building a house, will you expect to put up the roof first and start dwell in it? I know the answer is a simple "no". Well that is the logic of life itself. Expecting something without logic will be a terrible thing to do. Unhappiness and frustration will be the result. It is the human mind that deceives the person into believing that all will end good and fine. Can we leave everything to chance? Well somethings i think you have to take for granted.

The earth we live in is just suspending on the cosmic ocean we called universe. The universe is designed with accuracy that for the last billions of years meteorites passing along the earth were being diverted to hit the giant planet Jupiter. We do not have the technology at the moment to manage such matter and in this case we have to depend on "nature" itself to grant mercy to mankind to evade a catrosphic impact of any passing rock of space. If we were to worry about such insecurities i think the world will be in depression.

The meltdown of the United States of America economy with a discussion of a 700 billion bailout strategy to save the world economy is similar to worry about a rock falling from the sky. It is a sure benefit for the new buyers of stocks and shares but there is no worry at all. We can start all over again like blogging. If you do not have traffic on this blog- no worries- start a fresh one.The world is still there so are the nations. We do not eat or drink money. It is just the medium of exchange.

What do you can do about getting traffic?

comment on other blogs - start by making comments on this

read all the post in my blogging challenges

be motivated by this post

beg for a link from a high ranking site

be patient and do not worry so much

20 September 2008

How being humble Makes You A Leader- Part 1

There is a correlation between the degree of leadership qualities and the degree of success. Strong leadership enforces success. Competent leaders can bring about the cementitious bond among friends, family, working colleagues, societies and nations. Leaders who govern a country can bring different people together to a common goal.The extreme quality of a leader can be inborn. But it is up to us to pick up the those qualities that ensure quality leadership.

If you want to be a quality leader you need to grasp the following tips and apply in whatever you want to do in life. If you want success you have to be a leader. If you pick up any of the following points and practice in you life I bet that people look up to you as a born leader.

Be Humble

Humility is the position we will be in when we think ourselves as equal to others. It is the recognition of oneself based on our character essence rather than on our status, wealth and possessions. When this happens, the degree of egoism falls and you will place others’ needs above yours. This one factor can propel any person to an influential quality leader.

Humility is not synonymous to shyness and quietness. It is not when the heart thinks about others’ mistakes and misjudgements. It is the ocean where we see ourselves as one conscious entity.

It is all about making others happy and promoting ourselves as one being. It builds team work rather than groups. Humility creates a sense of intimacy as opposed to arrogance and pride. If you hear someone complaints to you that he or she has no friends has an inherent defect of being arrogant or proud.

The world ethnic platform is ever changing. Whether in your work area or in your living environment the mix of different races has evolved. So in order to live in a extremely harmonious manner we need to come down to a level where we can interact with each other. Be humble enough to learn other peoples’ culture and do not always dwell in a ‘culture shock’.

You do not have to an arrogant authoritative dad to teach your kids on those things that you want them to adopt. You can let them know that you have passed through their ages and that you merely want them to reach success by adopting best behaviours and choices.

A favourite leader with quality is the one who forgets about his self and place others in the first place. The quality leader listens more to others’ problems and finds solutions. He delegates his job to his staff even though he can do himself. In this manner he get irrevocable reverence from this subordinates.

How To Be Humble

One major criteria all leaders possess is being humble. The extremely quality leader must possess and practice humility. There are many ways a leader can show his dependants of his humility :

Greet them with respect whenever you meet them

Praise at least one other person each day

Delegate small stuffs to
your dependant

Explore into their problems

Seek a
conscientious solution for your dependant

Talk on topics of

Say thank you even if it is their job to

If they had done a good job give your sincere

Bring down all praises to your dependants or

Find an opportunity to mingle with

Remember their birthday and wish them with all your

Talk about their past experience and find interesting

Being humble pulls people to your side. It is a magnet that makes everyone to know about you. You can become a capable leader if only can impress upon your dependants or subordinates that you are humble. Do not brag about yourself and be caring human to another human.

30 July 2008

Happiness Purpose

Being happy is something that we cannot leave to chance. People who are not opportunity seeking are those people who look for a magic wand to build on their lives. You need a blueprint on how to be happy. You cannot rely on ‘throwing lots’ or reading horoscope to find happiness. Happiness, like opportunity, is all around us. But the only stumbling block to reach that happiness is the human mind. If you can drive it to a certain way of thinking I believe you can reach all happiness.

Have you woke up in the morning and be really be enthusiastic about that the day has arrived. For most of us the answer is a simple ‘no’. We do not have that job that we like to do. It is great to do something that you are passionate about. But in reality, everyone has had stumbled upon something that they are not passionate about.


Most people I have met always felt that they could have done a little bit better. This feeling of regret is actually a ‘mirage’ image created by the mind. Contentment is a better state of mind sometimes.

One problem of the human mind is that it always craves an experience different from one it currently has. The mind wants more and more. It wants something different. But the problem with the mind is that it never gets satisfied until you command it so. Wanting more is one of the problems in economics and it is not the key for success.

The problem of consistency of doing something to reach the so called happiness purpose will have an ill effect if the participant drags all of his resources into that activity. These resources could have been diverted into something else especially to the third party.

If a gambler wins or loses a bet, he still goes on betting. Consistent gambling is a disease of the mind. In any game of chance, the probability of losing is infinity against the one person who wins. The money wasted could have been used to pay the utilities bill. It could have been saved for investment. The antidote is to cultivate contentment. Contentment is more or less true happiness.

If a guy seeks pleasure and happiness by being polygamous will find it a useless pursuit as he could give ample love to his loved ones. He has to find an alternative that is by getting a soulful relationship. He has to make effort to make someone to fall in love with him and maintain that relationship. Contentment will make way for his blissful life.

Contentment is the mirror of happiness. Be contented with what you are doing right now and balance your passion with the job or activity that gives you a pay check

Strike a balance

Have you seen how a performer in the circus who walks on a tightrope? He balances each step and seeks to reach the end of the rope.

A person who really loves to compose music will be making a mistake if he resigns his full time well paid job and getting into music business. He has to make music first during his leisure time and then finds a producer to buy his music. He has to participate in music contest and get known by the crowd. If he resigns the full time job and get into his passion is like throwing a seed on a barren land. There is opportunity in talent but it has to be stepped up at the right time.

You are successful if you have completed an action that you have planned. Happiness to the human mind is to get what it wants. There is no benefit to feel in that manner. Cultivate contentment and strike a balance in your pursuits. That will give you a reasonable happiness.

23 July 2008

About Page

Success is the function of the mind itself. The mind which is cloudy will come to a conclusion that success is by luck and timing. The successful person is lucky and that the timing was good. The thinking process in the mind is a pattern thus formed by the person’s experience, values, needs and perceptions.

My History

The year 2004 was a fantastic year for me as I found a way to express my opinion and suggestion online. Blogging has been giving me the opportunity to connect to the world. I became engrossed with blogs and I started to get much information about blogging ardently. The qualities I have had is that I love to write and have read 300 self improvement books! I need to put all that into good use.

My Other Hobby

During my teenage ‘era’ my only hobby is painting. I was very much obsessed with it that a day will never pass without finishing at least two paintings. As life became busy I began forgetting my inborn talent. Like writing painting is also a way to communicate to the masses.

My Profession

My professionalism lies in building management. It is a field I had voluntarily aimed for and still love what I do. People say I am a ‘doctor’ of buildings. Well it is a tough job. Basically, I have to handle complaints from tenants, ‘bosses’ and service providers. In this field you have to be like ‘sponge bob’- absorb all the complaints.

Why Proenrichment?

My objective in Proenrichment is to make you a person you want to be. One main benefit of reading my article is definitely original to the core. I truly wish that it is likeable. I will also like to cite to readers some of my thoughts. My first post was written in 2007. My latest post is about Be Number One.

This site is dedicated to helping people to learn to appreciate and tackle the many things that we encounter in our daily lives. I have created a category for readers to browse easily as appended here:

Life gets complicated if it is not sliced up to simple bits for a bite. That is why I have made my category comprehensive as possible. I do not want to cloud you with complexity. Simplicity is my aim.

Success is the product of a beautiful mind. Success is a mind game after all. If you want to be successful in anything you do then mould your mind to get the desired result in life. When the ambit of human mind is reached that will be the greatest felicity of life!

I hope you will like Proenrichment.

21 July 2008

Calm Your Mind

The ultimate factor for all success stories can only be cited to one point- creativity. Religion tells us that we are created being. Our continuity lies solely on we being creative enough. Man has learned and created many things that had been useful to him and his counterpart for so many years. From the invention of wheels to the infinite zeal to find new territory in outer space, created man has been proving to be a creative being.

But creativity is not a common good. If creativity based on monetary measure, only two percent of human race are creative. I mean those who have created and reached success. What is the point of creating value to others in the absence of perks and benefits.

Money being the medium of exchange has forced us to be a little or very selfish. The reason I wanted to be a part time blogger is that I do not want to expect an immediate gratification for my cause here. I have found a beautiful world called the blogosphere or blogalaxy. All I wanted to be just your minute partner in your long road to success. I want your success as well as mine. But you have to come first before me otherwise my work here will not be genuine. It will be most of the time for monetary gains. That is why I stay employed as a building manager. Only God does not expect anything from creation.

Scientist had found a hormone generated by the brain called Oxytocin. Once the brain produce this chemical we do not shy communicating to others and become very generous. One important side effects of this chemical is that we actually become very creative beings.

It has been experimented with patients with frontotemporal dementia – which is a rare form of dementia selectively damages the temporal and frontal lobes, primarily in the brain’s left hemisphere- that they actually learn new things once they were not be able to do before the disease. The affected people somehow became very talented in artistic works like painting, music and writing poems. They became very creative, in other words.

Left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for most aspects of communication, hearing, written and body language. Right Hemisphere processes images, melodies, modulation, complex patterns such as faces as well as the body’s spatial orientation.

We are coming to an understanding why some people are creative and most are not. Is creativity only for the ‘intellectuals’ or the ‘genius’? From the above discovery I think it is not. When we give a ‘respite’ to our routine works the brain can somehow tap into the power of the mind itself.

19 July 2008

Google Code

Google Code
Google code at last broken - I think so. Why I am saying this is that when I started my previous blog here I was very new to this cyber interaction. Reaching to the top in this cyber race is the priority in the mind of most bloggers. I will not say that it is not ethical to have such a goal as we are all interlocked in the system of trade. We need penny and popularity. But successful people who have achieved far beyond any commoner have something in common.

Everybody wants to know the magical key to success. Everyone wants to try. Everyone wants to give that best shot. In the context of the blogosphere, every blogger wants his or her weblog to come as second to none.

Hyper Text Mark Up Language or html for short was devised by a British Scientist named Tim Berners Lee in the late 1980’s while he was working at the Particle Physics laboratory in Cern, Switzerland. The simplicity of html led it to become very popular. Tim Berners Lee made the world ‘flatter’ and opened the floodgate of the communication era. The world salutes Mr Tim Berners Lee for his stupendous discovery of the century!

The idea behind networking is all about sharing information. The basis for success in the blogosphere is to add more and more contents. That is for sure. Content has to be the king.


Passion can be illustrated with this scenario. A person who gets hungry will eat. A person who gets thirsty will reach for the glass of water. But the natural call of the body chemistry to eat and drink is only short-lived. You cannot go on eating and drinking. After the meal and drink the hunger and thirst subside. You can go on thirsty and hungry for days. But a person deprived of oxygen, will die. This is what passion is about.

Be passionate about your blog. I am sure all those who had started a blog have some kind of passion about weblog. If you cannot see your blog comes to the page rank you desire do not get discouraged. Just pour your passion out. Add your contents regularly with your passion juice.

To date I have changed my blog template at least thrice. I do not get anything by the frequent changes. I am doing this solely is because I want readers who visit my blog to be inspired about the design. I just want to give the best of what I have. Passion is pushing me to reach the optimum.


Before you start your blog, you have to think about a plan. Write out a theme for your blog. If your passion is about photography and you want to create a blog on photography you need to ask a right question:

Who is going to visit my blog?

– It can be someone who wants to learn about photography or
– It can be someone who wants to know the history of lens or
– It can be someone who wants to copy some scenic panoramic pictures or
– It can be someone who wants to buy a camera

Choose a title for your blog. This will be your second step. This will make you very confident in drawing out a theme. Theme drafting is vital for beginners. You have write out a theme even before you post that first article. If your title is ‘photography for beginners’ then you are defining your target visitors- new birds for photography. Title for your blog will also help you to be clear and explicit in your article writing.

A theme is like a story and story telling is much needed to stand out from the crowd.


Bloggers are at the mercy of Google page rank. Google has a fantastic system of tracking which website has the most original contents. It is by this basis Google set out a page rank for a particular blog. I think it is the most logical system.

The purpose of blogging is to bring individualistic creation and sharing of ideas and knowledge. Copying other works is greatly discouraged in blogging. Google look out for honesty in bloggers.

If there is a few hundred thousand blogs which talks about photography, you need to compete with them differently. Just create a niche in photography and write about it emphatically with your opinion. You need to find out what is the difficult part of photography and giving your own opinions and solutions. By this you are actually forming a zone which only few ‘experts’ can join in.

I am a full time building manager. It is the most difficult job on earth. The fact is that everyone can find a job in this kind of line even during a recession. But the fact that I have had been going through this for the past 20 years is because I love my job and I withstand frustration. I withstand negative feedbacks. I also give the most desired solution to every problem. Do you think people will want to join in this kind of line full of frustration?

Create a niche which is a difficult one and stay out from competition on the basis of honesty.


Original contents can capture the Google ‘spiders’ but if a blogger shows care in his works for readers he will be loved by them. The fact that the web language has improved from mere text message to cater for video display, most blogs I see that there isn’t much care given to the visitors.

If there is heaven created by God I think the place is for giving utmost care for all good humans. In the movie ‘The Fugitive’, Dr Richard Kimble (role played by Mr Harrison Ford) becomes fugitive when he escapes on the way to the prison to serve a death sentence by lethal injection as he was convicted of killing his wife. In one of the scene, Dr Kimble holding United States Marshall Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) at gunpoint pleading that he was innocent. When Gerard replied ‘I don’t care’ Dr Kimble escapes again from injustice by leaping down the spillway of a large dam into the river below.

People need to be cared for. Likewise, if you have the sole objective of caring for your visitors who visit your blog show them that you care. You can show them by the following suggestions:

- Write out a welcome message
- Install a time counter in your blog
- Install a soft sentimental background music
- Install inspirational messages
- Allow them to email you for personal coaching
- Introduce them to your other favourite blogs in the category of food, clothing, shelter, travel etc
- If you can think of any write out here

If a blogger shows some care to visitors by integrating value in a blog then there is a far better chance to attract traffic.

Will Power

When I write my first blog I discovered something about how long a blogger has to wait until the blog hits page rank one upon 10. As Google spiders crawl out to millions of blogs in the blog galaxy or blogalaxy the one it favourites will have the most original contents. Why I am saying this is through experience.

When I hit my articles to about 40 or more post my page rank becomes 1/10. In other words, the will power of a blogger should be stretched until he hits 46 to 50 posts. In my earlier blog I post almost regularly. You can post 3 blogs for a week and it has to be regular. When a blogger does this, Google spiders are most willing to capture your blog and rank it accordingly.

Blogging is a marathon game. In a marathon you just need to keep the momentum of your speed and continue with the race. If you do this you will reach the finishing line. After you have reached that 50 original post, rank your blog here to see where it stands. To all the bloggers I wish you the best!

18 July 2008

Are You Rich Dad?

What is the definition of being rich? In my earlier post titled ‘who is the richest in the world?’ I have explored very emotionally on the definition of being wealthy in monetary terms. But if we focus on others’ economic well being, we often fail to focus on our financial standing. What is our financial status at this point in time? Have you ever asked yourself this critical question? There can be only two reasons for not asking such a question.

Extreme contentment not only makes your mind sit in the comfort zone but it is the stumbling block to any success. The second factor can be the fear of reaching a plan or goal. There is nothing wrong to count your blessings but at the same time you need to check whether it is the ‘devil in disguise’.

If you had planned to reach you goal, you have face it fearlessly. If you can gauge your contention and be bold enough to take the necessary steps as planned, success will knock your several doors.

If your son ask you this question – “Dad are you rich?”- What can be your answer to him? Before you answer or ponder you need to know something about income and liability.


If you have large amount of cash – you are definitely rich. Dad “A” earning a monthly income of $25,000 for his family of five (including him) is definitely richer than Dad “B” who earns only $2,500 per month other things remaining the same.

But then money is not earned for the sake of earning. It has to be spent on food, clothing, shelter, health and personal care. If Dad “A” spent ninety percentage of his income then he is actually poorer than Dad “B”. This is common sense.

In other words your earnings do not make you a rich or poor dad. But your expenditure does. If you can control your expenses, you come out rich.


In Singapore, you can become rich if you can go into oil or property business. A house is an asset. If a property brings income then it is an asset. If cash is used to pay for debt servicing I think it is wise to sell off the property. If you are holding onto the property hoping it will fetch a good price in the future then the property is an investment.

If you want to invest in gold or stocks be prepared to take risk as the market can be volatile.

Dad Are You Rich?

The answer is very simple. If the monthly cash inflow exceeds the expenditure, he is a rich dad. Expenditure can be divided further into essentials and non-essentials. Essentials are food, clothing and shelter and a little entertainment. Examples of non-essentials are as follows:

getting a hand phone for your son

buying gold or diamond for your wife

purchasing an inexpensive gift for a rich boss

chatting with cyber friends unnecessarily(wasting electricity)

paying the outstanding property loan by cash

eating out

watching television

taking frequent baths

making friends by entertainment

using of credit card when you can pay by cash – interest payment

driving a car in Singapore

The urge of getting everything we wanted is the root of all causes of financial troubles. Living within your means will actually place you in placid mind. A peaceful mind is needed for enriching your lives.

The definition of being rich is how well you apportion your income into expenditure and savings or investment. In expenses exceeds income then you are poor!

15 July 2008

Lesson On Value

I cannot forget the 12 of July 2008. Not that it was my junior’s birthday but I learnt a lesson on value.

Last Saturday, after much persuasion from my junior I decided to get a hand phone for him at the Starhub outlet in Plaza Singapore. Well starhub is one of the three biggest mobile companies in Singapore.

As expected there was a large crowd and we finally decided to get a LG model KU990. We got the waiting ‘ticket’ number and we found out that we are behind 130 customers!

We waited for our turn for an hour. It went on to two hour. At that moment, I was telling to my son “We want to buy this phone and it is not cheap but we have to wait in a queue for a long time to get it…”.Wow!! The hand phone gives a magnetic value to people like my son.

What value you can give to customers is the best thing you can learn from business pundits. The innate value a hand phone can give to customers is the ease of communication with others. You can make a call to a friend who is miles away from where you are. You can make short messages with it. You can email with it. You can take a great picture with a 5 mega pixel LG KU990 phone. You can listen to music via Mp3. The ‘values’ has been integrated in that small piece of gadget.

No matter what you are in right now, if you can only if you can integrate values in anything you do, you come out as a winner. Integrated values in a good or service will have a favourable impact on its demand- you simply create demand.

Another example of integrated values is the new concept in building. It was announced that Dubai is going to build a revolutionary building whereby each storey and apartment units rotate with different speed creating a
‘twirling’ skyscraper. By this residents can have different scenic views all the time.

Bringing out values is going to be the new ‘religion’ of the human race. It is not how much you can give value to others but how much you can integrate intensively. The only obstacle to integrated values is again how customers accept them.

12 July 2008

Game For The Creative Mind

Games can be structured activity or semi structured activity apparently started for enjoyment. Gladiators who fought in the arena for the mere pleasure and entertainment of spectators during the Roman Empire. Most sports now are carried out for monetary pursuits. The game of soccer is one example. Virtual games have its innate simulated ill effects to the human mind. Addiction to a game can be disastrous to human living as most of the time is spent on playing the game itself. Betting and gambling are ‘bad’ branches of any game. Used sparingly any game can be a blessing too.


I can still recall my favourite game when I was 4 years old. I love to build castle on wooden blocks. This building block consists of wooden parts of a castle model and the graphic picture of the final castle. All I had to do is to match those things in the picture with my ready made parts to build the entire castle.

The above building block may help a child in the following:

Improves hand-eye coordination
Develops shape/size recognition and matching ability
Develops logical thinking – which part to place first
Develops perseverance attitude – if the large block is placed successfully

Choose a game which encourages simple creation and encourages an easy solution.


The fuel for the human mind is being creative. Creativity usually precedes a solution.

Choose a game which has the objective of creation and will not distress your mind. Scrabble is a fantastic game of building vocabulary. Language helps to build oratorical ability which is one of the factors for a communication. Better communication influences leadership qualities.

Word puzzle has restrictions in a solution. You have to form the exact word. But the game of scrabble has letters for the formation of couple of words.


The ultimate process for thinking is finding a solution. The human mind navigates in search for a solution.

The rubix cube not only causes stress on the user but it is not the ‘fuel’ for the creative mind. It helps you speed up your thinking process but it will not help you to be a better thinker. What is the point if you travel from point A to B if in the first place those points have an innate obsoletism?

The game of chess also falls into this category.

What I am trying to say?

The human mind needs a solution. Finding a solution in reality is an easy game. A solution will be complete if there is an avenue for creativity. A creative solution is a valuable input for human living. Creative solution for a problem is much needed currently.

05 July 2008

5 Factors For Successful Blogging

If you are new to blogging, you have landed on the appropriate site. Every blog that is born at this point of time will most probably die a premature death. This is because the blogger has not mastered certain concepts about online business. If you going to be a serious blogger you have to know these 5 factors before even you write your first post.

Marathon Race

Blogging is a long term ‘investment’. Spending hours away on the computer just to get your blogging ‘right’ means wasted time to many bloggers who think that it is a 100 meters race. It is not. Blogging is a marathon competition.

I started blogging sometime in 2007. It has almost been a year. In my opinion it is too short a period of making your blog popular. If you are full time blogger you need to get at least 6 years to see some decent figures on your statistics.

If you happen to be a full time blogger, it is possible to post at least 4 articles in a week. In a year you will have at least a satisfactory 200 pages. In 5 years time you will have a wonderful 1000 pages of articles.

If you happen to browse a popular site, it usually has at least 1000 pages. Blogging is all about content. Content building takes time. If you are keen in blogging change your mindset of making quick bucks in a shorter period. You are in the marathon race. The first step to success in blogging is to remove a false belief that blogging is an easy competition.

Doing A Job is Easy

If you happen to read articles persuading you to jump in the bandwagon of blogging by replacing your full time job, think again. Doing a full time job is a lot easier than blogging. If you are in a job, I am sure you must have trained for the task. You might have a degree or a special skill to do that particular job. You know your job.

But blogging is an entirely new field. You need to have at least a 10 years ‘touch’ of the blogging arena before you quit that ‘boring’ job. Do it leisurely. If you really want to become a full time blogger, jump in after 10 years. Be a tortoise and win the race!

Aim To build content

Why do you need to build traffic? If a shop without customers is like a girl without a company. A shop without customers will get wind up soon. But in order to attract customers, the shop has to advertise. But the first step to open any business is to ask what business I shall open in the first place?

Most bloggers fade away to oblivion is because they do not know what to ‘sell’ in the internet world. This is because they do not know their strengths. They just read a few articles on the internet and start jumping in before clearly deciding on their contents. Be a Pro in your own way.

You can sell medicine online. You can sell flowers. You can sell your poetic talents. Or you can just telling people how to become successful in their lives.

The important thing in any business is to define your goals. Define what you want to service your visitors who click to your site?

And then you have to give them good value for their visit. The priority for the next 5 years is to build your content. There are some websites where you can buy ‘contents’. But visitors know where you coming from. Write out your own contents. Be original.

Building your original content is adding value to your visitors. Like what I am doing right now. Originality emanates from your passion.


Inertia is the factor for most blogs to end up losing the competition. I have many email enquiries about what is that makes a blogger to take action constantly. The similitude of a blogger who takes action consistently is someone who had a strong belief that he will reach his goal one fine day. Action and belief will materialise any goals. Absence of either factor is actually a wishful thinking or a weak prayer.

The road between an action and a goal has to be drawn. Every road drawn clearly will give strength to your belief. If you belief in God, the many spiritual paths you take to reach the Omnipresence will actually makes your belief in God stronger. There is no point in believing God is Love and neglect those who ask. Contradiction in your action is a virus to your belief and ultimately your goal. Read belief bubble 1 and 2 for a basic understanding on beliefs.

A blogger has to constantly take action upon his blog. He has to consciously put effort to integrate values to his blog. You can read my blogging challenges by clicking the site map to get some tips.


Statistics show that the first week of any movie will have the highest percentage of audience. If the percentage stays constant the movie becomes a success. The first week crowd is actually pulled by advertisement. The movie WaterWorld has the most hits in the beginning but the crowd fades away because of its shoddy production. It is an expensive production of about US$150 million. The advertisement cost was budgeted in but its ‘content’ is forgettable. Bloggers can advertise their blogs in many ways.

Name card – comes handy when you meet up with friends. If you attend any business meeting or a party have your name card presented and you can have your blog address written on the name card. This is the cheapest way you can advertise.

Sending out emails – is also a fun way to advertise your site to your friends. But it has to be done very non- routinely. Otherwise, your email can be meant to be ‘spammy’.

Talking about your blog – is also a non committal way to spread the news of your blog to others.