07 November 2008

How To Rank High In Google

Since the first weblog went online in 1999, blogging has exploded into something of a phenomenon that has created millionaires, brought down politicians and changed the face of modern new reporting. Blogging has come a long way since Jorn Barger coined the term weblog on his Robot Wisdom website in 1997.

In this blogging marathon race with 175,000 new blogs being created worldwide every day the competition of which blog or blogs will be flagged high up in the sky like a star for all to see is a desire for all bloggers. I mean it has to be an undying desire to become number one in the blog race. It must be the objective of every blogger to give value to each and every visitor who patronise his or her blog. But then can passion for something die before it reaches its desired glory? If your answer is a yes then I think you need to explore what is your piece of cake. If you do not have a page-rank yet – there is no cause for alarm.

Watching the Olympics marathon is a good lesson on grasping the tactics for any success. Success is all about completing an action. But then when it comes to competition you cannot lose the game. In order to do that you have to take note very seriously on the kinds of decision you are going to take on every of step of your destination.

Contention can give you a peace of mind. But winning a contest or a game is the real success story. Competition is good because it checks your inertia and passive nature. In a marathon run, those who adhere to the following will more or less come out as a winner.

Do not drift away

At the very onset of the competition, the runners stay close to the leaders. They are enthusiastic and eager to win the race. The one thing in their mind is to reach the finishing line before others. They crave to win the race.

If you are into blogging, the first that you have to train is your mind. Think like a winner. If a table cleaner in a restaurant thinks of becoming the best table cleaner his preoccupation will be to clean the table well and dry. In the absence of passion staying positive alone will elevate the performer to success. That is sufficient for any success story- for a start.

If the restaurant owner thinks of making his business number one he will show drastic improvement in creating various delicacies and dealings with the customers. You will drift away if you allow your mind into thinking of losing or thinking negatively.

Stay on with the machine head

The important thing in a marathon race is to seek a mentor. He is the competitor who runs ahead of the entire group of runners. He is the machine head of the entire train.

The art of success is to copy those who are in the lead. In blogging, you have to know what others in your niche blog are doing. Type ‘ 100 top popular blogs’ in yahoo or google to track those who are in lead. And please try to make some comments to their blogs and link to them by your signature. Here is an example on how you can comment :

‘ Hello (name), you have written an excellent article and I just want to add something to your post…… best regards’. Perhaps you can email to them with a personal message on the good points of their posts and can request for a link to your site. Ask and then you receive. But if you do not receive do not worry. Keep on trying.

If a popular site has a forum, that is an added advantage. Join as a member an participate in the forum and link again via your signatures.

It is all about back links

A highly ranked blog is attributed to numerous back links. Get the google toolbar and install onto your browser. It is a useful tool and you can analyse the ‘fate’ of each blog. Be happy as I am on the same boat.

The only assured way you can get back link is by requesting from a high ranked site or whenever you post your new articles in blog carnival. The steps to post an article in blog carnival are as follows:

Create an account
Write post that is within the framework of the list in the carnival

If you write a post that is more or less by the blog carnival list it is easier to decide on which carnival you can post your article. For a start you can do this and when you have a good page rank then you can control your contents of your blog. I think if you can adopt posting one article a week will do well to your blog.
"Last night i had a vision in my dream that i am asking someone of the success of blogging. He says put your blog in the midst of the darkest sky and no one will miss it"

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