01 November 2008

Tips On How To Have A Vision - Leadership 3

I always wanted to know how intelligence influences leadership qualities in a person. How is intelligence gauged? It is purely measured by academic qualification. This qualification can secure a good job but it cannot guarantee leadership quality in a person. In my previous post on leadership I have touched on two factors -being humble/have inspiration-which can make anyone leader. Being a visionary will bring your rank in leadership one step higher.

What is to be a visionary? If you have watched the movie ‘Jumper’ you will realise the meaning of a visionary. In jumper, the self is transported to another destination of choice without any mode of transportation. It is ‘teleportation’. It is the teleportation of a thought to an end which is favourable to the thinker and his surroundings. All leaders are leaders if they have visionary ‘talents’. There is no such thing as visionary leaders as all leaders are visionaries. There is a difference between management and visionaries: the former is concerned with smooth operation and the latter concentrates on the direction of their team, focused on people and goals. A leader with a vision hardly commands his team. A commander is only a manager.

Visionary cannot be labelled as a talent as it is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone who follows the steps below:

Use Law Of Attraction

The secret is discovered. All leaders have one thing in common. They attract their own reality. You enrich your lives just by thinking. What you ask is what you get theory.

If you are a leading a team of staff in an organization and if you want to be a leader with a vision- think about how to improve the lives of your co workers. By such thoughts you will likely to attract circumstances some kind of vision for your team. In the end, your team will look upon you not as a manager but a visionary. Had it not been Mahatma Ghandi’s vision of freedom the history of India would have got a different route. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Mahatma Ghandi taught India and the world at large how to attain freedom by non-violence.

The problem with accepting with the law of attraction is not the theory but the person who is applying this law. Logic of effort seemed illogical when there is effortless involved. The logic of the mind is just a mirage in a desert. It is not the reality. The logical questions might be something like this:

What happens when people put out conflicting intentions, like two people intending to get the same promotion when only one position is available?

Do children, babies, and/or animals put out intentions

If I intend for my relationship to improve, but my spouse doesn’t seem to care what will happen?

The theory states that you attract what you want. That is all. In the process of attracting if your mind plays logic with what you attract then it is a futile pursuit. The right word to use is not intent but attract.

The steps to this theory are three:

First step - attract your vision
Second step - focus your team (subject) and only attract your vision

If logic is played by the mind go to step one quickly.

Seek Disadvantage

The human mind seeks the negative or disadvantaged portion of a matter. If you find some bad behaviour in a person use it to your advantage. There has to be a starting point in thinking. Begin with disadvantage in mind and create an advantage from it.

The first city reservoir which was opened in Singapore recently is a good example for all the nations in the world. Singapore’s vulnerability of water dependence to country like Malaysia has made it into a water producer after twenty years of planning and execution of damming the mouth of Marina channel.

Give Energy to Your Brain

The brain represents 2% of the body weight. But it receives 15% of the cardiac output, 20% of total body oxygen consumption, and 25% of total body glucose utilization. In yoga the various position or asana is considered to improve muscle flexibility, tendon strength stamina and most importantly optimise function of respiratory system and circulatory system.


I recommend readers to do this simple position on the start of the day: prostration or Surya Namaskara or sun worship translated. It consists of two positions: stand upright first and then prostrate as shown here

Prior to having your breakfast drink honey with lukewarm water. Honey consists of:

Fructose (38.5%)
Glucose (31.0%)
Sucrose (1.0%)
Water (17.0%)


The health goodness of eating dates is being underrated. Eating dates will boost our brain activity. For every 100 g of date fruits you will receive 648 mg of potassium which is beneficial for neuron function. It is a good booster to the brain activity as most of us get a little tired in the afternoon.

Get your aura right

When I say aura I am saying the aura in a conscious state of the mind. To improve you vision you need a good sleep which produces lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is that dream where you can easily understand. Most of the discovery that we are enjoying are attributed to lucid dreaming. See how dreams affected the lives of some famous people here. To have a vision in your dream do the following steps:

Take a bath before sleeping
Fragrance your room with musk, sandalwood or other aroma
Apply some fragrance oils on your hands and chest

You need to sleep well and be able to remember what you dream about.

Stupid thinking

Isaac Newton wasted his time for the theory of gravity until an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under an apple tree. To have a vision we do not have wait for things to happen. We can use words or things to get an idea from it.

In giving a unique name to watches which are cheap but resembles the touch of Switzerland watches – swatch is created. The current financial crisis can be solved by just creating a word or by seeing a thing and infer a solution from it. If I use the word lines then I can infer having two lines in between two highs and lows. I will suggest pegging stock prices to a reasonable high and low indices. It means even if share prices drop if it drops further than the agreed index it will not be a valid price. The price has to move between two extremes. Perhaps economist can look into this as a possible solution.

Anyone can give a stupid idea which can become a vision.

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