20 September 2008

How being humble Makes You A Leader- Part 1

There is a correlation between the degree of leadership qualities and the degree of success. Strong leadership enforces success. Competent leaders can bring about the cementitious bond among friends, family, working colleagues, societies and nations. Leaders who govern a country can bring different people together to a common goal.The extreme quality of a leader can be inborn. But it is up to us to pick up the those qualities that ensure quality leadership.

If you want to be a quality leader you need to grasp the following tips and apply in whatever you want to do in life. If you want success you have to be a leader. If you pick up any of the following points and practice in you life I bet that people look up to you as a born leader.

Be Humble

Humility is the position we will be in when we think ourselves as equal to others. It is the recognition of oneself based on our character essence rather than on our status, wealth and possessions. When this happens, the degree of egoism falls and you will place others’ needs above yours. This one factor can propel any person to an influential quality leader.

Humility is not synonymous to shyness and quietness. It is not when the heart thinks about others’ mistakes and misjudgements. It is the ocean where we see ourselves as one conscious entity.

It is all about making others happy and promoting ourselves as one being. It builds team work rather than groups. Humility creates a sense of intimacy as opposed to arrogance and pride. If you hear someone complaints to you that he or she has no friends has an inherent defect of being arrogant or proud.

The world ethnic platform is ever changing. Whether in your work area or in your living environment the mix of different races has evolved. So in order to live in a extremely harmonious manner we need to come down to a level where we can interact with each other. Be humble enough to learn other peoples’ culture and do not always dwell in a ‘culture shock’.

You do not have to an arrogant authoritative dad to teach your kids on those things that you want them to adopt. You can let them know that you have passed through their ages and that you merely want them to reach success by adopting best behaviours and choices.

A favourite leader with quality is the one who forgets about his self and place others in the first place. The quality leader listens more to others’ problems and finds solutions. He delegates his job to his staff even though he can do himself. In this manner he get irrevocable reverence from this subordinates.

How To Be Humble

One major criteria all leaders possess is being humble. The extremely quality leader must possess and practice humility. There are many ways a leader can show his dependants of his humility :

Greet them with respect whenever you meet them

Praise at least one other person each day

Delegate small stuffs to
your dependant

Explore into their problems

Seek a
conscientious solution for your dependant

Talk on topics of

Say thank you even if it is their job to

If they had done a good job give your sincere

Bring down all praises to your dependants or

Find an opportunity to mingle with

Remember their birthday and wish them with all your

Talk about their past experience and find interesting

Being humble pulls people to your side. It is a magnet that makes everyone to know about you. You can become a capable leader if only can impress upon your dependants or subordinates that you are humble. Do not brag about yourself and be caring human to another human.

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