27 September 2008

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It is of paramount importance in the field of blogosphere that a blog should have the traffic. Don't sweat so much! - Rome is not built on one day. Do not expect success overnight.

If you are building a house, will you expect to put up the roof first and start dwell in it? I know the answer is a simple "no". Well that is the logic of life itself. Expecting something without logic will be a terrible thing to do. Unhappiness and frustration will be the result. It is the human mind that deceives the person into believing that all will end good and fine. Can we leave everything to chance? Well somethings i think you have to take for granted.

The earth we live in is just suspending on the cosmic ocean we called universe. The universe is designed with accuracy that for the last billions of years meteorites passing along the earth were being diverted to hit the giant planet Jupiter. We do not have the technology at the moment to manage such matter and in this case we have to depend on "nature" itself to grant mercy to mankind to evade a catrosphic impact of any passing rock of space. If we were to worry about such insecurities i think the world will be in depression.

The meltdown of the United States of America economy with a discussion of a 700 billion bailout strategy to save the world economy is similar to worry about a rock falling from the sky. It is a sure benefit for the new buyers of stocks and shares but there is no worry at all. We can start all over again like blogging. If you do not have traffic on this blog- no worries- start a fresh one.The world is still there so are the nations. We do not eat or drink money. It is just the medium of exchange.

What do you can do about getting traffic?

comment on other blogs - start by making comments on this

read all the post in my blogging challenges

be motivated by this post

beg for a link from a high ranking site

be patient and do not worry so much

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