21 April 2008

How To Change Your Blogspot Template

In my earlier article –titled why do I blog? - I have mentioned simple reasons for blogging. If you any other factors of blogging you may wish to place your good comments there. Here I want to discuss write about how to change your blogger design.

Do not get upset as I will not be writing about html. I will show you an easy method to upload your high quality template into your existing blogspot.com blogs. Today, I was actually lucky to find this site PYzam .

Here you can find very high quality templates. Go to this site and browse your favourite template. Get your code. Right click the code and paste in your notepad. Save it as .xml file.

Sign in to your blogspot account and go to ‘Layout’. Click ‘edit html’. Save your original template in case you need it back. Click ‘browse’ button and download your .xml file that you have saved. If preview works then you can save template.

Even if your are a serious blogger, I think it is a good practice to change your blog template in order to attract readers. Content may be king. But what is the use of having good content without striking design. Beauty may not be skin deep.

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