15 July 2008

Lesson On Value

I cannot forget the 12 of July 2008. Not that it was my junior’s birthday but I learnt a lesson on value.

Last Saturday, after much persuasion from my junior I decided to get a hand phone for him at the Starhub outlet in Plaza Singapore. Well starhub is one of the three biggest mobile companies in Singapore.

As expected there was a large crowd and we finally decided to get a LG model KU990. We got the waiting ‘ticket’ number and we found out that we are behind 130 customers!

We waited for our turn for an hour. It went on to two hour. At that moment, I was telling to my son “We want to buy this phone and it is not cheap but we have to wait in a queue for a long time to get it…”.Wow!! The hand phone gives a magnetic value to people like my son.

What value you can give to customers is the best thing you can learn from business pundits. The innate value a hand phone can give to customers is the ease of communication with others. You can make a call to a friend who is miles away from where you are. You can make short messages with it. You can email with it. You can take a great picture with a 5 mega pixel LG KU990 phone. You can listen to music via Mp3. The ‘values’ has been integrated in that small piece of gadget.

No matter what you are in right now, if you can only if you can integrate values in anything you do, you come out as a winner. Integrated values in a good or service will have a favourable impact on its demand- you simply create demand.

Another example of integrated values is the new concept in building. It was announced that Dubai is going to build a revolutionary building whereby each storey and apartment units rotate with different speed creating a
‘twirling’ skyscraper. By this residents can have different scenic views all the time.

Bringing out values is going to be the new ‘religion’ of the human race. It is not how much you can give value to others but how much you can integrate intensively. The only obstacle to integrated values is again how customers accept them.

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