21 July 2008

Calm Your Mind

The ultimate factor for all success stories can only be cited to one point- creativity. Religion tells us that we are created being. Our continuity lies solely on we being creative enough. Man has learned and created many things that had been useful to him and his counterpart for so many years. From the invention of wheels to the infinite zeal to find new territory in outer space, created man has been proving to be a creative being.

But creativity is not a common good. If creativity based on monetary measure, only two percent of human race are creative. I mean those who have created and reached success. What is the point of creating value to others in the absence of perks and benefits.

Money being the medium of exchange has forced us to be a little or very selfish. The reason I wanted to be a part time blogger is that I do not want to expect an immediate gratification for my cause here. I have found a beautiful world called the blogosphere or blogalaxy. All I wanted to be just your minute partner in your long road to success. I want your success as well as mine. But you have to come first before me otherwise my work here will not be genuine. It will be most of the time for monetary gains. That is why I stay employed as a building manager. Only God does not expect anything from creation.

Scientist had found a hormone generated by the brain called Oxytocin. Once the brain produce this chemical we do not shy communicating to others and become very generous. One important side effects of this chemical is that we actually become very creative beings.

It has been experimented with patients with frontotemporal dementia – which is a rare form of dementia selectively damages the temporal and frontal lobes, primarily in the brain’s left hemisphere- that they actually learn new things once they were not be able to do before the disease. The affected people somehow became very talented in artistic works like painting, music and writing poems. They became very creative, in other words.

Left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for most aspects of communication, hearing, written and body language. Right Hemisphere processes images, melodies, modulation, complex patterns such as faces as well as the body’s spatial orientation.

We are coming to an understanding why some people are creative and most are not. Is creativity only for the ‘intellectuals’ or the ‘genius’? From the above discovery I think it is not. When we give a ‘respite’ to our routine works the brain can somehow tap into the power of the mind itself.

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