05 July 2008

5 Factors For Successful Blogging

If you are new to blogging, you have landed on the appropriate site. Every blog that is born at this point of time will most probably die a premature death. This is because the blogger has not mastered certain concepts about online business. If you going to be a serious blogger you have to know these 5 factors before even you write your first post.

Marathon Race

Blogging is a long term ‘investment’. Spending hours away on the computer just to get your blogging ‘right’ means wasted time to many bloggers who think that it is a 100 meters race. It is not. Blogging is a marathon competition.

I started blogging sometime in 2007. It has almost been a year. In my opinion it is too short a period of making your blog popular. If you are full time blogger you need to get at least 6 years to see some decent figures on your statistics.

If you happen to be a full time blogger, it is possible to post at least 4 articles in a week. In a year you will have at least a satisfactory 200 pages. In 5 years time you will have a wonderful 1000 pages of articles.

If you happen to browse a popular site, it usually has at least 1000 pages. Blogging is all about content. Content building takes time. If you are keen in blogging change your mindset of making quick bucks in a shorter period. You are in the marathon race. The first step to success in blogging is to remove a false belief that blogging is an easy competition.

Doing A Job is Easy

If you happen to read articles persuading you to jump in the bandwagon of blogging by replacing your full time job, think again. Doing a full time job is a lot easier than blogging. If you are in a job, I am sure you must have trained for the task. You might have a degree or a special skill to do that particular job. You know your job.

But blogging is an entirely new field. You need to have at least a 10 years ‘touch’ of the blogging arena before you quit that ‘boring’ job. Do it leisurely. If you really want to become a full time blogger, jump in after 10 years. Be a tortoise and win the race!

Aim To build content

Why do you need to build traffic? If a shop without customers is like a girl without a company. A shop without customers will get wind up soon. But in order to attract customers, the shop has to advertise. But the first step to open any business is to ask what business I shall open in the first place?

Most bloggers fade away to oblivion is because they do not know what to ‘sell’ in the internet world. This is because they do not know their strengths. They just read a few articles on the internet and start jumping in before clearly deciding on their contents. Be a Pro in your own way.

You can sell medicine online. You can sell flowers. You can sell your poetic talents. Or you can just telling people how to become successful in their lives.

The important thing in any business is to define your goals. Define what you want to service your visitors who click to your site?

And then you have to give them good value for their visit. The priority for the next 5 years is to build your content. There are some websites where you can buy ‘contents’. But visitors know where you coming from. Write out your own contents. Be original.

Building your original content is adding value to your visitors. Like what I am doing right now. Originality emanates from your passion.


Inertia is the factor for most blogs to end up losing the competition. I have many email enquiries about what is that makes a blogger to take action constantly. The similitude of a blogger who takes action consistently is someone who had a strong belief that he will reach his goal one fine day. Action and belief will materialise any goals. Absence of either factor is actually a wishful thinking or a weak prayer.

The road between an action and a goal has to be drawn. Every road drawn clearly will give strength to your belief. If you belief in God, the many spiritual paths you take to reach the Omnipresence will actually makes your belief in God stronger. There is no point in believing God is Love and neglect those who ask. Contradiction in your action is a virus to your belief and ultimately your goal. Read belief bubble 1 and 2 for a basic understanding on beliefs.

A blogger has to constantly take action upon his blog. He has to consciously put effort to integrate values to his blog. You can read my blogging challenges by clicking the site map to get some tips.


Statistics show that the first week of any movie will have the highest percentage of audience. If the percentage stays constant the movie becomes a success. The first week crowd is actually pulled by advertisement. The movie WaterWorld has the most hits in the beginning but the crowd fades away because of its shoddy production. It is an expensive production of about US$150 million. The advertisement cost was budgeted in but its ‘content’ is forgettable. Bloggers can advertise their blogs in many ways.

Name card – comes handy when you meet up with friends. If you attend any business meeting or a party have your name card presented and you can have your blog address written on the name card. This is the cheapest way you can advertise.

Sending out emails – is also a fun way to advertise your site to your friends. But it has to be done very non- routinely. Otherwise, your email can be meant to be ‘spammy’.

Talking about your blog – is also a non committal way to spread the news of your blog to others.

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