14 June 2008


The difference between a person who has more and the one who has less is the result of the difference in choice. What choice a person makes will show when he has reached the end result of his choice. If a young man wants to become a sailor as he wants to go from place to place, he will have hands on experiences of life. His life experience will be entirely different from a person who is doing a desk job.

How to make a better choice? It varies with each individual preference. Every individual has to learn to make a better choice. You cannot make a choice just because others told you to do so. In the end, a better choice is the foundation of all happiness.

What your heart says?

The heart which is the size of your fist has infinite preoccupations. Not all preoccupations can be fulfilled. Those probable preoccupations can become dreams. Those dreams that can be channelled to good use are goals. Those reached goals is what I call success. If you like to get affiliated with a beautiful woman who crosses your path everyday, you have to let her know.

If you are in a position where you have not planned are not your real choice. Stumble upon something will not have a far reaching effect.

Artificial Goal

Any position you are in can be improved upon when the ‘disadvantage’ is turned into ‘advantage’.

Make out an ‘artificial goal’ out of something. If you happen to do a job where you did not plan to land, make out a plan of what is the next step you will want to be. Continue to make choices at every point of your path. You can get out of a labyrinth of ‘fate’ as you move along.


In the end all that matters in life is definition. If you are reporting something, there has to be a specific description of the whole event. What is that you want from life? That is a generic description which will not carry you any further. Anything in life is possible provided if you can describe what you want.

If you are expecting an increase of salary, anything less than what you have in mind or planned cannot be compromised. Know what you want clearly.

Better choice or not, a choice has to be made according to what you want.

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