02 May 2008

Interpretation For Success

What is Interpretation? It is the mental representation of the meaning of something. But how this mental representation came about? It is all part of our thinking process.

As explained in How Your Mind Works, our brain has been ‘painted’ with a set of pattern which has resulted from our experiences. This pattern is a like an infrastructure whereby we can use it for our daily living. It helps us in bringing out certain behaviour. However, it is not always the right pattern to live with.

With our changing environment, it is necessary to ‘re draw’ the pattern by superimposing a new one. This is essential to effect a change in our behaviour. Behavorial change is one part of reaching our success.

For example, two friends visit a fruit shop. There they found variety of fruits being displayed on the shelf. One of them asked the other ‘Why the fruits are being dipped with water and placed on the shelf’

His friend answered ‘Oh yes, it gives more weight to the bunch of fruits and the shopkeeper can sell less fruit for the same price’

His friend responded that it might not be the case ‘I think it is to give a glossy outlook which can attract buyers’

Both can be right and wrong. That is not the point. The point is that what is the result of that interpretation? To one the fruit seller is a cheat. The other the fruit seller is an exceptional seller.

The sales manager recent remarks that his salesperson has not been updating the monthly sales record should be interpreted as the salesperson information is valued by the manager. The sales person should give him a fortnightly report if necessary.

If the fruit is tasteful then it is worth to buy. Interpretation should add value to behaviour. Otherwise find another way of interpreting.

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