23 February 2008

How Your Mind Works?

How Your Mind Works

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of people around you? Have you ever wondered why there are people who are more successful than many others? Why there are people who are merely struggling with everyday life? Why there are people who are experiencing enriching lives?

Sometimes you may be asking why your life is the way you didn’t want it to be. I have seen many people who are so well educated and yet did not match up with the successful ones. When I say successful I mean that that individual has reached a fulfilling life and display happiness within as all of his or her wants and dreams have been fulfilled. I mean that person is having a fulfilling life. A life that is happy. He or she is at the peak of happiness. Are you are happy at every tick of your time!

If an individual can be able to function to his or her fullest potential provided if he can behave and take action appropriately he or she can experience enriching life. You can see all the videos
here for a basic understanding of the anatomy of the mind.

Two graduates having a certified public accountant degree with a similar background of a family life ends up in different destination. How can that happen? Both are given a more or less an equal first step but have different ‘fate’ at the end of their career path. One has an accounting firm. The other is still an employee.

The brain has the faculty of thought, memory, imagination and consciousness. Psychology is the study of how a human being behaves? Human behaviour is the product of a healthy mental state. It is the state where an individual uses his cognitive and emotional capabilities to function in a society or surroundings and meet the ordinary demands of a daily life. The thinking process emanates from brain matter. A ‘healthy’ brain means a healthy mind. The result will be appropriate behaviour in a group or society for the sole reason to survive.

As how our pre historic ancestors behaved to the stimuli of the environment and build the steps for the continuity of the human race we have to train and develop our mental capacity to continue in that survival race.

Thinking process is both reactive and analytic. You need both to experience life. Reactive thinking is a built-in ‘coded’ formula for a stimulus. A stimulus is enforced by way of sight, smell, sound and touch. You do not have to learn to touch a fire to realise the pain it causes. But a baby will not know of what it will be like during the first touch.

Once the pain is encoded in the ‘reactive’ oasis of the brain then it comes natural during the second touch. The baby knows that it causes pain to touch a fire. The baby avoid going near to the fire.

Only with analysis we become a better individual. A stumbling block to analysis is our emotion. If used intelligently, emotion and analysis are the key to enrichment.

The story of our mind is never ending one. It is like the universe. An evasive mechanism of the mind can be further analysed by illustrations in Part II