03 May 2008


The world is full of opportunity. You need to look onto the right direction. The saying ‘opportunity only knocks your door once’ might need to be rethought. Once you have spotted the opportunity zone, you need to look on to its bright side, dark side and the interesting side of it.

There is so much talk on the general increase in price of goods and services. Whatever the reason is, there is an opportunity in this scenario. Let me give you an example.


Suppose you are having a refuse disposal company. All your competitors are generally increasing the fees charged. This is an opportunity. I came to know that the fees consisted of three components: rental charges to clients for the compactor to be stationed in the estate; haulage charges; waste disposal fees. Waste disposal charges are fixed and the others are variable cost. I told a company to hold on to the variable charges as this might be attractive to customers who wants to opt for cheaper services.

How To Apply BID Theory

The bright side of it is that the business will be getting more clients. The dark side is relatively more capital need to be forked into the business. If the bright side (B) is more than the dark side (D) then the interesting side need some attention. The interesting point (I) is that company can become the biggest player in this business. BID for it!

B > D go to ‘I’

B < D go to ‘I’- but need to decide on I’s weightage.

The second scenario shall be no matter what happens I still want that beautiful girl. This part is quite tedious as the decision will be based on mostly emotion. The solution shall be then:

What will be the “Bs” and “Ds” of the “I” point.

Do not always take a decision based on emotion or impulse. Put in the ‘Bs’ and the ‘Ds’ and see the point that is interesting – a point that no one sees.

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