13 April 2008

What makes a blog popular?

Though we are different but we are one. When I began to come into the blogosphere I was pretty amazed. The problem was- I do not know nothing about blogging. It was really a challenge to me. It is still now. Blog is like the universe- a never ending journey to discovery.

Despite having read so much about what other say about blogs, the common problem in the blogosphere is only one- that is driving traffic to your site. There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere and it is rising by the day. I think the blog increase due to the following reason :

the price of computers and internet serving falls
percentage of unemployment goes up
people are rich and gets lots of leisure time
people inspired by blogging
inexpensive and easy way to freedom of speech
rise in serious bloggers

So starting a blog is easy. But to stay on track is the difficult part. Traffic building is what is behind most bloggers. How to bring traffic to your site? A million dollar question from every blogger.

Two things need attention for any blog- theme and contents. A body will have shape if it consists of the skeleton and the fat. Both are important. But I think we need to work out on the theme first before deciding on the contents.

Do theme and content make a blog popular?

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