02 April 2008

World Wide Web Consortium

World Wide Web Consortium or W3C -for short- recognized the danger that Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML could become fragmented as Web browsers had been fighting for market. They began to add proprietary tags to effectively create their own versions of HTML. W3C, therefore, acted to create a standard to which all Web browsers should adhere.

Engadget website has 100 error messages when it is run on html validator . Likewise many so called popular websites when run with the validator show many errors. I have been trying to validate my own website but it is very tedious. Today I tried this:

I got hold of this html tidy . I am using blogger. I go into dashboard and clicked edit html. I clicked expand widget. Then I right click and copy the html document and paste it on notepad. After saving this original template in notepad as FILENAME.html. I copy and paste the original template text onto html tidy to validate. I got the tidied html and paste it in blogger edit html. Blogger cannot upload the file as there are errors.

It is a real challenge!

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