07 April 2008

Link To Have An Excellent Blog

Problogger is an excellent website on all the things you want to know about blogging. Mr Darren Rowse article on Link Up To A Competitor is an article blogger should read about.

How to make your blog become popular for readers? This is a question all bloggers ask before they attempt to make a blog approachable to visitors. As you link up your blog to your competitor, you are actually doing a favour to your readers to bring them to a location where you are guiding them the things they are looking for in the net. In this manner, as a blogger you are adding value to the internet world. Secondly, you actually want to show a difference between your site and other 'competitor'. Thirdly, you want to support your opinion by this backup site. This what i call external link.

Internal link is also good way of promoting your blog. Intenal link is by hyperlinking your other pages once written. In this manner, you are adding more clicks to your site and showing your visitors your 'blog home'. Yes, linking is important for any blog success story.

Linking is a communication. You are bringing your reader from one site to another or giving a 'tour' to your site. If there is a break in this linking and if your blog has no links, it means you are working against 'internet ethics'.

This morning while going to work there was a massive crowd at the atrium of the mass rapid transit at Yew Tee Station, in Singapore. This break in transportation to my work site had made me stranded to write this post. There is a break in my link.

I was stranded at the Station and informed my director by phone of the breakdown in transportation. Many man hours and money wasted by such a single incident. I got into the entry gate and my money is deducted. The vicinity was packed with people as though pop star Michael Jackson has arrived at the Yew Tee MRT Station. Look at these pictures i have taken.

I was thinking the blogosphere has something to learn here. To become a successful blogger all you have to do is one thing when posting- link to your competitor and other cites and link within your site.

Blog based on no links means either you know everything in the world or you are just taking for granted that everything fall into your area. Think again!

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