03 March 2008

Success A Mind Game

Success a mind game
What is the fuss about? What is success all about? Success simply means achievement. It is all about making simple goals one at a time. In Anna Pavlova words, “To follow, without halt, one aim….” Satisfaction or contention result when we have achieved when an objective is reached. Dreams are the gateways and precursors for any success. All these components are the make up for any success story. Hence, this is the formula for success.


At one point in our lives we have dreams of various kinds. I had a friend of mine who loves to play a guitar. His dream was to become a famous guitarist like
Ritchie Blackmore. But his dream has been shrouded by every day trials and difficulties and he is still play a guitar and plays it well. But he has yet to fulfil his dreams. Like my friend I was obsessed with painting at a very young age.

I had an entire set of paint brush of different widths and I usually use my school pocket money to buy paints and drawing papers. I will not pass a day without painting at least two paintings. It is like taking a deep breadth of fresh air. I had this desire to become a renowned artist like Michael Angelo or Leo Nardo Dar Vinci. But I have yet to fulfil my dream. But you know recently I took my daughter’s water colour and started painting a picture and it really gives me a happy feeling. I thought of giving it a try to make my dream a reality.

Do not underestimate your dreams. A dream is like a spark in a gas chamber. It is a seed waiting to be dropped in a fertile ground where it will grow into a fruitful tree. If you have a dream, try to make it real by following your dream and make out a goal out of it.


All of us are making subconscious goals everyday. We get up in the morning and subconsciously hit the toilet and shower. After taking your breakfast you head to office. All decisions are disguised goals. The brain imprinted these decisions frequently so much so that it becomes a reactive response routine. Have you ever wondered why do you have to get up in the morning to go to work? Have you thought why it had to be you to do this uninteresting job? If you are feeling in this way then you have to make serious goal making strategy.

Giant goals make giant decisions. If I want to become a good guitarist then I better find a good coach or school which teaches me proper guitar lessons. Perhaps you can sit for basic course in guitar first and find a way to get to the professional music arena.

It is best that you make your goal surrounding on what you like to do best. Be it music or painting if it gives you satisfaction and happiness why not reach your goals with some planning.


A goal will sit in your mind for ever or might fade away if it is not put in writing. It is best that you write out your goal. Perhaps you want to see some changes in your physical, mental, emotional, living environment, financial platform, relationship, career etc. You can divide these categories into three divisions of before now and in the future. Before and now do not matter at all. But what those categories will be like in about 5 years from today? Write out the marks upon 10 against each category

The lowest marked category needed greater attention. When you intend to accomplish the category you have chosen?

If you want to reduce your weight by 10 kg in 2 years from now then you have to burn a certain amount of calories each day to reach the goal. You have to take action on what you plan.

Is success a mind game? You have to condition your mind to go along the calculated path which leads to your goals and therefore your success.