08 March 2008


Sir William Churchill once said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”. Passion is an ardent love for doing something. If there is consistency in what you love to do there is no failure. If what you do is useful to others, then you are on the road for success.

Recently, I have the opportunity to visit a masseuse. Well it’s for my wife who had a bad wind trapped in the abdomen area. She troubled me for the past 3 weeks about the consistent feeling of discomfort. We met the masseuse in her house and my wife went into a room together with this lady masseuse.

The next minute her husband, in his 60’s came towards me and we began to chat with each other. He was talking about his childhood days and he was kind enough to give me a cup of tea. I came to realise that I was sitting there for quite some time after 30 minutes. It went on and on. In fact I do not know what to talk about next. I felt that my bums began to burn after that long sit. I began to question him about his wife (the masseuse). I asked why the masseuse works was taking a lot of the time. He smiled and said that her wife will not stop until every nerve of a person body is stimulated 100 percent. He said the timing varies with ‘patients’ as each one of them has to go through that magic touch. He also said his wife loves to relief people of pain.

When my wife came out of that room after 3 and a half hours of body massage I saw her great relief on her beautiful face. I sensed that she felt reborn again. And guess what? - It only cost me 40 dollars!

I came to understand that the masseuse is well known and her monthly income is almost 10,000 dollars in average! Her husband also claimed that her wife could also relief the disease of stroke!

Surely, the masseuse has the passion to bring relief to people. The masseuse has to continually knead the body to bring happiness to people lives. She is indeed in the category of successful people.

If something that is done with devotion and earnest the likely result will finally be a winning game eventually. If you can do it with a touch of class, people may belief in your proposition. If you can hit that one person with your caring attitude and can bring him from the path of pain to happiness, it is a sure way to success in whatever you do.

Think about in what you do right now for living. Be it a simple cleaning job or a director of a multi national corporation. If you can love what you do and bring immense value and happiness to others I think you can hit the jackpot!