18 May 2008

Seeking Opportunity

Success is not having lots of money in your bank. Success is the preferred planned action that is completed. The goal you set out for is accomplished. You have completed the race. If the action completed gives an enormous value to others huge wealth is created.

Opportunity seeking precedes all goals. But real opportunity can be found if you can follow these simple points:

Be Original

Many people just go into the business because they want to join the ‘bandwagon’. When fierce competition builds up profit cannot be maximised and it will be no more lucrative in staying with that business. If everyone starts dancing and singing exactly like Michael Jackson, what is the value the competitors are giving to the audience. Copying works reversely in a success story.

Do not go into a business or trade just because it gives good profit. Be original in what you do. Originality is the function of having the ability to discover new things that can be valuable to others. Be a creator and not a competitor.


In the success game time is important. By time it is not waiting for the ‘golden opportunity’ to fall on you. You need to know a little on what is happening around the world or in your country.

If for example, if you expect an increase of population about 2 million in the next 5 years, think about what kind of business you can get into to serve the demand. Housing, food, water and medical are all essential for them. If you expect baby boom in another 10 years, go into baby product business.

The crucial thing to note here is to be there before the trend starts. Look out for the trend!

Disadvantage to Advantage

The world’s disaster in a corner of the globe ignites a new demand for housing, medicine, food and water. Large part of the desert wasteland can be changed to ‘oasis tourist spot’ by shielding ‘hot’ desert spots by glass with air conditioned facility for an organised desert tour.

Seeking opportunity is simple. But to implement it needs conscious effort.

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